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Feelin' blue this Christmas? What to do and how to deal

When it seems like the whole wide world is merry and bright, it’s easy to feel isolated when you’re a little less than, well, Buddy the Elf-style happy during the holidays. But trust us, you’re not alone in feeling blue. Here are a few ways to cope—especially when everyone else ya know is hopped up on candy canes and Christmas carols.


Let the sunshine in

We’re smack dab in the middle of the shortest, darkest days of the year. Winter has officially begun, making it prime SAD (that’s Seasonal Affective Disorder) season. And seriously, it’s no joke. If you tend to feel a little sadder around this time of year—and there isn’t really a reason for it—you might benefit from spending more time outside in the sun, or parking it in your bedroom with a heat lamp.


Find a little sympathy

Have another bud who’s blue like you? Buddy up for a little seasonal solidarity. Note: Don’t take this as your go-all-out-angry-at-the-world pass. But it is healthy to have someone you can tell your less-than-perky feelings to without feeling like your being judged.


Rediscover the season

Remember when you were little and you didn’t have a pile of homework and a mean homeroom teacher to dread at the end of winter break? Get back a little of that joy you used to feel by doing some of the things you used to love, whether that’s putting the star on top of the tree or making gingerbread houses with your neighborhood buds.


Get away from it all

Yes, even though your house has been invaded by family, you can still get a few moments to yourself. A couple of well-timed and thought-out excuses will score you a good 5 to 30 minutes of Y-O-U time. Volunteer for a chore like walking the dog and slip out before anyone can volunteer to join you. Or, head upstairs under the guise of working on an essay…and just peace out, instead.


How are you dealing this year? Share your tips—and commiserate—in the comments.


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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 12/22/2013 1:49:00 AM


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