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Insta-awesome! 10 healthy dares from your favorite celebs

There’s no hiding that we’re a wee bit celeb obsessed. We look to our favorite musicians, actresses and sporting pros for everything from style to inspirational quotes. So naturally, when it comes time to consider the year ahead, we’re all about a little celeb inspo. Here are 10 instagram snaps our favorite gals have posted lately—and the dares we’re taking from them.



Go green

Yeah, berry bliss kicks butt, but there’s something about veggies that those red and purple picks just can’t deliver: vitamins and minerals like nothing else. Thanks for the inspo, Debby Ryan!


Make it a friend thing

From cooking good food to making workouts a group thing, we all get by with a little help from our friends, right? Even better if your sister’s in on the fun, per Miss Dakota Fanning.


Believe in yourself

Lea Michele posted this little bit of inspo and ya know what? We’re so on board.





Get nostalgic

Ya don’t have to visit Sesame Street ala Janelle Monae to take a walk down memory lane. Recent studies suggest that nostalgia makes you happy. Go to it!


Stay hydrated

Your workout resolution won’t do ya much good if you don’t keep your body hydrated. Sipping water is fab, but we’re digging coconut water, too, just like Lucy Hale.


Explore uncharted territory

Emmy Rossum laces up her sneaks for a run on the regular. In this pic, she’s hitting the woods for a hike. Getting out into nature can give your spirits a boost like nothing out. And that’s a fact.





Boost your arm strength

Wouldn’t it be awesome to keep up with the dudes this year? Ace the annual pull-up test with a little inspo from Olympic champion Gabby Douglas.


Treat yourself

It’s far easier to stick to healthy eating when you allow yourself a little indulgence. Bonus if it’s uber cute, like this ice cream cone Chloe Moretz grabbed in Germany. Yum!


Get a little scared

Adrenaline kick starts your system—and it’s all kinds of fun to give yourself a little challenge. Keep it safe—like Emma Roberts’ baby alligator. In her, uh, hashtags: #swamptour #terrified.





Make someone’s day

Olivia Holt visited St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to chat with some very special fans. What will you do this year?


How will you challenge yourself this year? Take a snap and post it on Instagram. Tag @girlslifemag and we might just regram our favorites!



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