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Feel better this year! 7 cinchy things you can do right now

Want to make 2014 a banner year? We’ve got your back, babes! Here are seven simple changes you can make every single day to make yourself feel better, healthier and more positive from now ‘til next New Year’s. Ready? Let’s do this!


Think twice before you eat anything. Ask yourself if it’ll make you feel good after you eat it—and do you want to feel not-so-good? You don’t have to not eat it, but giving yourself a chance to consider the possible consequences will have a positive effect.


Create a workout support group with your gals and guys. Rotate who picks the workout each day, so you don’t have to worry about getting your bum in gear for some unknown exercise—you just have to go with the flow.


Switch out one unhealthy choice for a healthier one. Ya don’t have to go on a juice cleanse or switch your brown bagged sammies for kale salads. Instead, swap a soda for a 100-percent juice with no added sugar, or a homemade smoothie with Greek yogurt. Swap fried potato chips for baked veggie chips for a little crunch. And opt for a homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie over a candy bar. Yum. Click here for more ideas.


Add some play to your day. Remember how you used to spend the hours between school and dinner outside with your neighborhood pals? Resurrect those old friendships and your favorite outdoorsy activities. Letting your imagination run wild will let you concentrate come homework time, and the fresh air and hours of movement will keep you fit without any effort.


Wipe down your electronics every week. Smartphones and tablets get pretty grody from the constant touching. Do your face, your hands and your health a favor by wiping them down once a week with a microfiber cloth. If you have a screen protector, spritz a paper towel with disinfectant and then use that to swipe off the germs. If not, opt for a non-alcohol-based cleanser to prevent damaging your screen.


Pick up an extra chore. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, like cleaning the house. Something little, like unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the table after dinner or making coffee for your parents in the morning will be helpful without being a bother.


Challenge yourself to community service. Pick one initiative that strikes a chord with you and get on board this January. As the year continues, volunteer with them as your schedule allows. Research shows that spending time helping others makes you feel great in a way nothing else can.




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/1/2014 12:00:00 AM


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