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How to send the right message this year--to everyone

Ready to make a statement in 2014? We’re here to show you how to make the right one. No matter who you’re trying to impress this year, GL’s helping you make the grade. From school to family and friends to that certain someone who’s caught your eye, here’s our guide for being at your best, no matter what.


“Dear Mom and Dad, I’m not a baby anymore”

What do babies do? They whine, they cry when they don’t get their way and they don’t take any responsibility for themselves. To prove you’re ready for more responsibility and independence, do your best to act like an adult, no matter what you’re facing. Tackle your chores without complaint and negotiate for more responsibility rather than begging for it.


“Dear Mr. Olsen and Mrs. Renalds, I’m a great student”

So prove it! Turn in your homework on time, no matter what. If you need an extension on a project or paper, ask for it in advance—certainly not the night before it’s due, or the day after. And if you aren’t understanding a concept or why you got question 3 wrong? Ask if your teacher can spare some time to sit down with you for a review sesh.


“Dear Coach Butler, I’ll do whatever it takes to improve this year”

It’s easy to get annoyed with the person on your team who has perfect technique. Instead of holding her talent against her, however, try leveraging it. Ask her for tips to help you improve your own game. MIP—that’s most improved player—here you come!


“Dear Jack, I’m totally interested”

Even guys admit they don’t get our subtle hints that we’re head over heels for them. So quit with the subtlety. You don’t have to come right out and invite him to the Valentine’s Day dance, but do try to be more open about how you feel. Yes, there’s a chance he might not feel the same way, but dealing with heartbreak—and finding a new beau—will help you get on with the inevitable and help you recover faster from all kinds of disappointment. Besides, he’ll appreciate your honesty. New BGF? We think so.


“Dear bestie, I’ve always got your back”

Show your best girls and guys that you’re their number-one fan, their biggest cheerleader, the person they can always count on for an ear and a shoulder and a hug. How? Well, do it! Your best gal was cast as townsperson number five in the school play? You’ll be watching—and waiting backstage with flowers when she’s done. Your favorite dude just got bumped up to JV? Woohoo! Pass the face paint, baby!


“Dear me, I can so do this!”

But the most important person to believe in, support, challenge and encourage this year is Y-O-U. Give yourself pep talks in the mirror. Write notes to yourself and leave cute and inspiring quotes on your binders and in your locker. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Yep, it might take a fight and it probably won’t happen overnight, but those dreams of yours are, well, in your hands. Go get ‘em!


What message do you want to send in 2014? Tell us in the comments!




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/1/2014 12:00:00 AM


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