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The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week

Even though this holiday season was full of family and friends, it didn’t stop some of our fave celebs from crossing our minds. From bestie hangouts to stars on Broadway, this week was full of surprising events from some big stars. Read on for the scoop.


Carly turns Cinderella

The “Call Me Maybe” star recently announced that she will soon be starring as everyone’s favorite glass slipper-toting darling in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway! This will be a huge change for Carly, but we know that she is going to do a wonderful job. What do you think of the casting?


Bestie hangout

Who ever thought that we would see the day Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato were all together—and getting along. Well, that day happened this week when Sel and Swifty took to Instagram while sipping tea…and facetiming with Dem. We totally love that these girls were able to put the past behind them and become besties again. Wonder where this trio will be spotted next in 2014.


Sel’s sick?

In other Selena Gomez news, the star recently announced that she was canceling the Australian and Asian legs of her tour and now reports are claiming it’s because she’s battling Lupus. Sel was apparently diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a couple years ago and has recently suffered multiple “flares” that cause facial swelling, fatigue, headaches and joint pain. We really hope she gets better fast!


New Couple for 2014?

Harry Styles isn’t the only member of One Direction who has been seen with a possible GF. Niall Horan was spotted at the Gary Barlow New Year's Eve Concert this week with rumored girlfriend/model Barbara Palvin. This duo has been spotted multiple times together, which makes us wonder: Are they just friends or a li’l something more? Could they be the new It couple of the year? We can’t wait to find out! 


An honorable performance

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick performed at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors this week and did the unthinkable when she ditched the cups to perform the Broadway classic “It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish.” Anna rocked the stage and we loved seeing her do something different! What do you think of her performance? Could we be hearing more tunes from Anna in the New Year?


Watch performance here…



Which celeb moment made you go “OMG” this week? Share in the comments below.




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