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Torch cals with the perfect 7-minute workout

Put on your sweat sesh uniform, babes—here’s the workout you’ll be rocking out all year long. It’s scientist-approved, calorie-burning circuit that lets you burn fat and get in a mix of cardio and strength training and toning in just 7 minutes. No lie. Here’s how to do it:


Do each of the exercises for 30 seconds each. Between each exercise, rest for 10 seconds. You should be able to do 15 to 20 reps of each exercise within the 30 second period, and you’ll have to repeat the entire workout two or three times to reach the total time of 7 minutes.


#1. Jumping jacks

Be sure to breathe deeply as you jump! Stretch those arms up over your head and jump your feet out wide.


#2. Wall sit

Be careful not to overextend your knees. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your shins should be perpendicular to it, creating a right angle at your knee joint.


#3. Pushup

Take your time to get the form right. The line from the crown of your head to your toes should be straight. That means your neck should not be bend, your eyes should be on the floor and your back should be neutral—no arch, no rounding, no booty in the air or tummy on the ground.


#4. Crunches

To avoid putting pressure on your neck, take it slow and keep your hands behind your head, but just overlap them instead of entwining your fingers. Keep your elbows out and open.


#5. Step-up onto a chair

Find something sturdy—no wheels, please!


#6. Squats

Squats feel funny for the uninitiated, but they’re easy to do. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart or just a little bit wider, and start to sink down into your thighs, being careful not to overextend at the knee. To keep your balance, you’re going to need to push your butt out behind you. Keep your body upright, not rounded over your legs.


#7. Tricep dip on a chair

Cup your hands around the front lip of the chair so that the tops of your fingers face out as your fingers curl under the edge. Elbows should be pointing behind you when you dip, arms should straighten completely when you lift yourself back up. Balance on your heels, keeping your back neutral and your legs straight.


#8. Plank

Set yourself up in push-up position, then gently drop down so you’re resting on your elbow and forearms. Your arms can be straight out, following the line of your body, or you can angle them in to form a pyramid.


#9. High knees/running in place

Go slow to start so you can get your form neat and efficient. You don’t want to get a knee in your nose!


#10. Lunge

Form is important here, too. Step forward with your right foot, keeping a right angle at your knee and dipping your left leg back so that the left knee almost touches the ground, but not quite. Rise up, step forward and switch legs, repeating the exercise on the other side.


#11. Pushup and rotation

Balance is going to be key here! Do a normal push-up, but when you come up, you need to shift your weight to one hand and rotate your body upward, stretching your free hand up to the sky. Twist as much as you can without hurting yourself (or toppling over). Hold, then slowly twist back into push-up position and lower back down.


#12. Side plank

Phew. Almost done! Stretch out on your side on a workout mat or plush carpet. Position the arm closest to the mat right under your should and prop yourself up. Your forearm should be flat on the mat, perpendicular to your body. Create a diagonal line stretching from your feet, on the mat, to your shoulder and head, lifted off the mat. Now stretch your other arm up, either straight up to the ceiling or bend behind your head. Hold it!





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