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Not mushy-gushy? 5 low-key ways to make him your BF by V-Day



Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day can be a teensy bit over the top. And even if you aren’t into the whole roses, chocolates and life-size teddy bear scene, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a li’l low-key romance with your eye candy. Here's how to make him yours by Feb. 14—no spouting sonnets needed.
No more games
With V-Day less than a month away, there’s no time for love games. That means no taking forever to answer his texts or blowing him off to hang out with your crew. Be clear that you’re interested in him. He’ll love that you’re mature enough not to mess with his head.
Show him what you’re made of
If you want to be his GF, you gotta show him that you’re GF material. When you swing by his house, say “hi” to his mom or dad. And above all, be cool around his crew. Hint: Flirting with his friend is a big no-no. Give him a taste of what dating you would be like and make him want it.
Tell him what you want
Ask him straight up if he wants to hang out. If you’re on the shy side, drop hints and use V-Day to your advantage. Try something clear but not too forward, like “How amazing would it be to share Valentine’s Day with someone?” That should get your point across.
Bond over something
OK, so maybe you drift off when he’s talking about his fantasy league. But if you’re into him, there’s gotta be something you two have in common. Turn that shared interest into a strong bond. Say you both love the indie scene. Check out or that quirky second-hand music store together. Make him associate his passions with you, then he’ll keep coming back for more.
Plan it out
That whole lovey-dovey V-Day date in your head? So not necessary. Take the pressure off and make platonic plans instead. Besides, all the fancy restaurants and shows will be booked, so suggest a Chipotle run and rent a silly movie. Once hanging out with you on Valentine’s Day is in his head, he can’t help but think of you romantically.




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