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Cute boots to stomp around in till spring

The only reason we tolerate the icy, cold fall and winter months is because of all the cute boots we get to wear, right? As the transition to spring approaches, think twice before ditching those booties and swapping them for flip-flops. These posh picks will protect your pedicure and keep your feet safe from the melting of the last snow all the way through to the first April showers! 



  • 1boots.jpg

    Clear skies ahead

    These wacky boots look like something straight from another planet! They are rubber and water-resistant to keep you dry, but the best part? Their transparency lets you showcase your cutest socks while making your way to class on a rainy Monday morning.


    The Mist Clear Rain Boot in Orange, $50, shopakira.com

  • 2boots.jpg


    Besides transforming you into a tall, statuesque creature, these tough-girl no-nonsense platform boots are the perfect fashion risk to try right now. They may not be rain boots, but that platform keeps you so high up from the wet ground, you’ll hardly even notice!


    Sixtyseven Bella Lace-Up Platform Boot, $89, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 3boots.jpg

    Buckle up

    Update classic black ankle booties with some hardware! These buckles look hardcore, but the small heel and slightly pointed toe keep ‘em feminine. The ankle cutouts make them absolutely ah-mazing for those warmer days as spring grows nearer.


    Boots, $50, hm.com

  • 4boots.jpg

    Sparkling slush

    What girl doesn’t love glitter? A little sparkle now and then never hurt anyone. These boots give a glam makeover to your same ol’ rainy day garb.


    JuJu Footwear Glitter Chelsea Rain Boot, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 5boots.jpg

    Slip stoppers

    For those bad-weather days when you just gotta have heels, go for a posh pair of tall boots with a thick heel and some extra traction on the bottom. No outfit looks cute when you’re slipping in a puddle!


    Metallic Buckle Thick Heel Boot, $65, charlotterusse.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg






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BY MARY PARISI ON 1/20/2014 12:00:00 AM

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