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Get long hair FAST with these easy steps

Whether you’re growing out a cropped coif or working your way to Rapunzel-inspired waves, we’ve got 8 tress tricks for your longest, healthiest, prettiest hair.


Head first

To go long, start at the top. “A healthy scalp is key to hair growth,” says hair guru George Gonzalez of George the Salon Chicago. A 60-second scalp massage—especially with shampoo containing peppermint or eucalyptus oil—will increase scalp circulation and promote growth. “Follow up with a weekly deep conditioning masque,” says George. “Moisture is the secret to strong, healthy, hair.”


Skip the shampoo

That said, washing can strip hair of natural oils, drying it out and leading to breakage. Shampoo only every other day, then experiment with ways to wash even less (spritz dry shampoo on roots if your mane starts to look greasy).


Hold the heat

High temps snap strands, so the less you use heat tools, the faster your hair will grow. Let your hair air-dry 75 percent before blow-drying. Or add a smoothing serum to your damp ‘do and sleep on it before a speedy straightening sesh in the a.m. And when you do hit the heat? “Use a thermal protecting spray,” says George.


Shape your strands

Flatter your pretty face with a look that’s right for Y-O-U. Oval faces look great with any length hair (lucky!), while girls with round faces should opt for locks that hit 4 to 5 inches below the chin. Square shapes should go for longer, face-framing pieces or a side bang. And heart-shaped sweeties? Ask for a lob (that’s a long bob).


Try a tress trick

We love this quick tip to make locks look longer: Have your stylist cut blunt bangs, which instantly create the illusion of length.


Get your vitamins

Just like the rest of your bod, hair health is dependent on a balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients. Think: salmon, walnuts, carrots, eggs, spinach and blueberries.


Stress less

If you’re anxious, your hair will take a hit. Relax with a run, yoga or a pedi and fro-yo date—then sit back and om your way to sleek strands.


Make the cut

Speaking of snipping: How often should you really do it? Get a cut every five or six months, and only take off a quarter inch at a time, says George. Your goal is just to trim off any split ends before they start sneaking up the hair shaft. 






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BY KELSEY HAYWOOD ON 1/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

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