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Celebrate! It's a snow day slumber party

With winter’s arctic blasts tucking much of America in blankets of snow and too-cold-to-function temperatures, it’s time for a li’l fun time with your friends—minus the deep freeze. Take a peek at our party plan for the ultimate snow day.


Spread the word

When you’ve got the OK from your parents—and word from your school district that school is canceled tomorrow—text your babes or message them privately using your favorite social media platform. Tell them to bring supplies, like their coziest jammies, a favorite mug and snow gear for a li’l playtime.


Warm up

Raid the linen closet for a pile of blankets and spare pillows, then make a massively snuggly nest on the living room floor. Make sure you have a pile of wood ready to go, if you’re allowed to use a wood-burning fireplace, or permission to switch on a gas or electric fireplace. And pop outside quickly to shovel your walkway and front stoop, if necessary, and lay down a good layer of salt. Ya don’t want any injuries before the fun begins, after all.


Drink up

Set up the goods for a hot cocoa bar. Lay out mismatched mugs, pick your favorite mix and the liquid of choice that works for all your babes (take lactose intolerance and other allergies into account). Then snag some tasty mix-ins. We’re thinking flavored marshmallows, cinnamon sticks and candy canes. Yum!


Jam sesh

You can’t have a snow day without thanking the weather gods, right? Prep an appropriate playlist packed with wintry tunes. We’re digging “Sweater Weather” for a right-now track and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for an old-school classic.


Powder pals

Not enjoy the cold stuff? You must be joking! Reserve some time to bundle up and take the great outdoors. It’ll be a blast with all your babes taking part, and you’ll warm up in no-time with sledding and snowball fights. Just take note of the temps—if it’s dangerously cold, you really might be better off staying inside.


Party on

Fill the rest of your day and night with an assortment of snow-themed fun. Think: snowflake manis, a game of sardines (done snow-day style, we’d like to call it “avalanche”), brr-illiant braid experimentation, theme-tastic movies and more.


What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day? Tell us in the comments!





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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/25/2014 12:00:00 AM


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