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Guy Gift Guide: Exactly what to get every boy in your life for V-Day

Whether you’re the type of girl who wants roses and chocolate from your BF or just wants to spend V-Day with your BFFs, you’re always in the position to give a gift to the guys in your life. Don’t know where to begin? Our gift guide give will send you on the right path to the perfect present.



  • 1guygift.jpg

    The guy you’ve been crushing on forever
    This sweetie deserves more than just a card + candy combo. If you haven’t made him your BF yet, the perfect present might be the best way to hook him. The key is to find something he’ll use or see often. A casual, vintage tee with his favorite band or sports team is something he’ll wear over and over again, and will think of you each time he does. Bonus for you: the shirt will be an instant conversation starter between the two of you every time he wears it. The perfect excuse to flirt. 


    Nirvana Men’s Graphic Tee, $10, target.com
  • 2guygfit.jpg
    The guy you’ve been dating for a hot second
    Sure, you two have been on a couple dates and they’ve been ah-mazing. Thing is: You don’t haven’t known him long enough to get him a truly out-of-this-world, heartfelt gift. Fret not. You can still wow him without the mushy-gushiness. A phone cover shows you care without missing a beat. Best of all: It’ll make him think of you every time his phone rings.

    INSTEN Snap-on case for Apple iPhone, $4, walmart.com
  • 3guygift.jpg

    The guy you’ve been dating for a while
    Even the most seasoned girlfriends sometimes struggle on what to get their guy for V-Day. While he may desperately need new socks, be sure to get him something special. If you’re into DIY projects, make him a mix CD filled with special songs and decorate a case yourself. You could also print one of those cute photos of you two from Facebook and frame it for him.


    Threshold Walnut Frame 4X6, $13, target.com
  • 4guygift.jpg

    Your best guy friend
    Just because you’re keeping it platonic does not mean your BGF can be ignored this V-Day. Keep it friendly and fun with a trinket or silly gift. Add a touch of sincerity with a hand-written note reminding him how grateful you are to have him in your life.


    Gunter Vinyl Figure, $13, hottopic.com

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