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14 signs your bestie really is the best

There are good friends and there are great friends, and then there are best friends. And boy, are they the cat’s meow! It doesn’t matter if your pal’s a gal or if you’re a total guy’s girl—your BFF is all that and a bag of chips. Here’s why…


She can tell just by glancing at you what mood you’re in


From soda to ice cream to cupcakes, she has your go-to order down


She might not be a fan of your crush-of-the-moment, but if you’re happy, she’s happy


She never forgets to pay you back—or return those earrings she borrowed


When it comes time to pick partners in class, you don’t have to ask if you’re doing this project together. I mean, duh!


She tells you what she really thinks. Like when you were thisclose to buying that awful dress for the Snowflake Semi


You know you can tell her anything, and she’ll never judge you


…And when you just need someone to listen, she’s all ears


Making a fool of yourself has never been more fun than when she’s by your side


She gets how important Bear Bear is to you, and would never ever laugh at him


She’ll do anything to help you do your best, from kicking around the soccer ball to running lines


When she comes over, you can just chill in your not-cute jammies and have a blast


Your family is weird. And it’s totally OK that she knows just how weird they can be


She’s your biggest cheerleader ever. And you’re hers. Love that!



What’s the best thing about your bestie? Tell us in the comments!




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 2/2/2014 12:00:00 AM


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