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Want to write the next great love story? Join our writing workshop this Thursday!

GL's I <3 Writing Workshops give GL girls (that's y-o-u!) the exclusive chance to join your favorite authors for a live, one-on-one chat. You can ask questions and get immediate answers on what it's like to be a writer, tips for penning your own stories and the secrets behind your fave novels. 

Next up? This Thursday, February 13, we're hosting our "Books That Make Us Swoon" Writing Workshop (just in time for V-Day!). We've got a panel of three red-hot writers who will share all the sweet secrets on writing a heart-stopping romance. Scroll down the page to meet them!

How's it work?
It's super simple. Just log onto facebook.com/girlslife on Thursday, February 13 from 6-7pm EST and look for the "Post your Qs here!" graphics on our wall—there will be one for each author. Just post your questions to each of our experts in their chat threads, then sit back and check out all the other Q&As while ya wait for yours to be answered. 


What will the Writing Workshop cover?
This is your Writing Workshop and you'll be leading it, so ask whatever you want to know about writing romance! These three amazing authors can give you tips on anything. Some ideas: How do you put together a story outline? What are some tips for building chemistry between characters? How do you beat writer's block? Where can you find inspiration?

How do I win?
Also easy. Every girl who joins in the chat will automatically be entered to win a copy of all three featured books…plus, they'll be signed by the authors!


What if I don't have Facebook?
And if you don't have your own Facebook account, that's totally ok—just post your question in the comments right here or pre-tweet your Q with #GLchats. Then, just visit facebook.com/girlslife during the chat time—our wall is publicly visible, so you can follow along and read the chat even if you can't post. 
Books That Make Us Swoon
GL's I <3 Writing Workshop
Live on Facebook!

What: Love to read and write romance? Our authors are dishing tips and answering your biggest questions

Where: Facebook.com/Girlslife

When: Thursday, February 13 from 6-7pm EST

Meet our author panel:


Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of White Hot Kiss: "Want your romance to be addictive? I'll share the secrets to a love story readers can't put down!" 

Bree Despain, author of The Shadow Prince: "It's fun to infuse romance and girl-power into fairytales, legends and myths—I'll tell you how."
Lauren Kate, author of Rapture: "Love triangles, steamy sitches, heart-stopping romance…you'll find it all in my Fallen novels and I'll share my tips."

BY GL ON 2/7/2014 1:34:00 PM

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