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Must-see flicks to make your V-Day date the best ever (in theaters now!)

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Still looking for a great date night plan? Why not go the old-school route and do a dinner and a movie? Whether you’re booked with a sweetie or flying solo with your sibs, we’ve got the perfect big screen flicks to catch this Friday night.
  • 1TheLegoMovie.jpg

    To see with: that special someone

    The Lego Movie

    It’s got laughs for you, action for him, and an all-star cast including Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman to keep both of you entertained. If you ask us, it’s the perfect compromise to a chill night out.

  • 2Frozen.jpg

    To see with: your younger sibs


    Your parents do so much for you, you gotta give back once in a while. Valentine’s Day is your chance! Offer to look after your sibs so they can enjoy a fuss-free night out. Frozen is the movie that your crew has been gabbing about for weeks. But no matter if you’ve already seen the flick or wanna relive its fab moments, this is the perfect movie for you and your sibs to catch this V-Day.

  • 3VampireAcademy.jpg

    To see with: your lovebird and the gang

    Vampire Academy

    Have a special someone this V-Day but aren’t ready for a one-on-one just yet? Make it a group outing to see Vampire Academy. You and your date will love how edgy Sarah Hyland and Zoey Deutch are in this flick. Bonus: it’ll make the perfect convo starter for when you two do in fact decide to hang out solo.

  • 4EndlessLove.jpg

    To see with: your best gal pals

    Endless Love

    Just because you don’t have anyone to cuddle up to this year, doesn’t mean today has to be a total bummer. Get into the lovey dovey spirit of Feb. 14 with this chick flick. It’s a classic tale of girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, girl’s dad forbids girl to see boy. Your group of gals will be rooting for Jade and David the whole way through right along with you.

  • 5Barefoot.jpg

    To see with: the entire fam


    Sometimes it’s fun to extend the day of love and spend a little extra time with the ones who mean the most to you: Your fam. Pass your clan a rain check this Friday and set aside plans with your gang on Feb. 21 to catch Barefoot with your mom, dad, sisters and bros. It follows the unpredictable love story of a sheltered girl and a careless guy. It’s funny, a little romantic and quirky, making it perf for the entire fam.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

Which movie are you going to be watching this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below.


BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 2/13/2014 1:00:00 PM

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