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5 reasons why your hair hates you

Dry strands, split ends, itchy scalp? All signs that, yep, your hair might hate you. Find out exactly why it’s rebelling and spy our quick fixes. Soon enough, you’ll once again have hair you heart (and that hearts you back!).



  • 1hatehair.jpg

    Reason #1: You’re always reaching for a hair tie.

    It’s okay to put your hair up every once in a while, (especially when you need it out of your face for activities like working out and playing sports) but pulling your hair back more often than not can cause your strands to break. Avoid the daily topknot and try experimenting with other hairstyles that highlight the natural beauty of your lush locks. Try a cute clip or headband instead if you want to pull pieces out of your eyes.


    Garden Party Wire Headwrap, $4, forever21.com

  • 2hatehair.jpg

    Reason #2: You’re a color chameleon.

    It’s fun to switch up your hair color every now and then, but there is such thing as overdoing it. Bleaching and dying your hair too much can weaken your strands, especially if you are combining it with blow-drying and other hair styling techniques. If you feel the need to spice up your life with a new hue, make sure it’s a color you feel you can stick with for a while so you’re not causing excessive damage to your locks.


    Photo Source: billboard.com

  • 3hatehair.jpg

    Reason #3: You use a flat iron…every day.

    Straight hair has been trending lately, so it’s natural to want to go for that look. However, it’s not the only trend. Straightening your hair is okay, but do it in moderation. Try to embrace your natural texture and let it breathe! If you have the urge to straighten a lot, pick up a straightening mist that has nourishing ingredients Spray the product on strands before you straighten to protect your hair and avoid frizz.


    Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Straightening Mist, $4, walmart.com

  • 4hatehair.jpg

    Reason #4: You can’t keep your mitts off your mane.

    We are all guilty of it. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are constantly touching, flipping and playing with our hair throughout the day. It’s hard to stop, but try to avoid touching your hair all day long. Your hands touch many different things throughout the day causing different dirt, oils and germs to travel from your hands to your face and hair. This can only lead to greasy, oily looking hair. If tousling your locks is something you find difficult to avoid and it’s causing your strands to look oily, embrace a dry shampoo to fight greasies. 


    TRESemme Fresh Start, $5, target.com

  • 5hatehair.jpg

    Reason #5: You can’t resist the urge to lighten

    Spring is just around the corner, which means you will most likely be spending more time in the sun. It’s fun to see how the sun will alter your hair, but be sure to avoid applying lemon juice in hopes that it will lighten your locks. This trick has been around for many years, but the truth is, the citric acid in lemon juice eats away at your hair and can give it a straw-like texture. Instead, keep your hair revitalized and healthy after sun exposure by using a sun recovery spray.


    Bamboo Beach, $20, nortstrom.com

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