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Squashy DIYs to make your room the comfiest place ever

The deep freeze might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to put away our comfiest accessories…and maybe make a few more. We’ve got all the blankets and pillows you need to make the coziest nest in the world. Hello, weekend. Where have you been all our lives?


Pillow party

If you’re looking for a super cute throw pillow, look no further than Society 6. Most of their stock sells for $20 apiece—not insane for a wishlist item—but what we really love is taking inspo from some chic picks. If you’re in a crafty mood, all you need is a simple white or solid-colored pillow and fabric markers to make it your own.




Little Things Throw Pillow Cover, $20, society6.com | Coral Modern Dahlia Flower Pillow Cover, $20, society6.com



Spell it out

These pillows from Etsy artist Dirtsa Studio are adorable! This set of four costs $98—a little steep for our budget—but the good news is you can DIY a set of your own in just an afternoon. Grab as many pillows as you’ll need to get your message across and then pick up some felt or textured fabric in a color you like as well as some fabric glue. Carefully cut up your letters (and their coordinating point value, of course) and glue them on. Tada!





Faux fur fabulous

A Beautiful Mess has crafted the blanket you’ll be wrapping around yourself ‘til summer. It’s a faux fur masterpiece, just as cuddly as curling up with your favorite pooch. Bonus? You can totally personalize it to the max by picking out your own flannel print fabric.





Rock star recycler

Have a bunch of old sweaters laying around the house? Repurpose them into your new favorite blankie with this crafty DIY. Ask around for items that are torn or hole-y and can’t be given away for others to wear. Grab the how-to at Yellow Suitcase Studios.






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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 2/25/2014 4:08:00 PM


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