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Sweet sunnies just in time for spring

Grab your sunnies, girlies, it’s almost beach season. As spring (and soon, summer!) approach, you may be buying bikinis and flirty skirts galore…but don’t skimp on the eyewear. These new sunny shades are necessary additions to your good weather garb. Go get ‘em now—here comes the sun! 



  • 1sunnies.jpg

    Cool cat

    Classic cat-eye shades look cool with thick black rims. These are the perfect sunnies: they’ll match with literally anything in your spring and summer wardrobe.


    Women’s Faye Sunglasses in Black, $17, target.com

  • 2sunnies.jpg

    Rainbow road

    The rainbow-y holographic lenses in the white-rimmed round sunnies are so insanely cool—we’re betting no one else will have a pair like ‘em.


    Quay Alexa Shades, $38, nastygal.com

  • 3sunnies.jpg

    Fold and go

    These look like classic wayfarers, but they’re so much more. The frames fold up so you can shove them into even your teensiest bag—perfect for a sunny day hike or a trip to the beach.


    Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses, $6, forever21.com

  • 4sunnies.jpg

    Retro rounds

    These ’50s-inspired sunnies are the sweetest things around. The pop of bright red, the bitty polka dots, the frameless bottom…it’s all amazing. These are flirty, feminine and perfect to rock with your cutest spring skirts and dresses.


    Car Cruise Boogie Sunglasses, $12, modcloth.com

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