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"Spiders" - An original poem

Hey babes! Here is an original poem written by GL reader Samira about some of her insecurities. Take a peek, then tell us what you think in the comments below.
Sometimes I'd wake up
In the middle of the night
To spiders gnawing on my bones
I screamed and tore them off
With my hands
But they seemed to never die
I woke up again
In the middle of the night
To spiders
Gnawing on my bones
I looked around
Nothing was to be seen
Oh! It was only the hunger
I didn't go back to sleep that night
No matter how hard I tried
They gnawed on and on in my mind
Screaming about what they'd seen
"How could you?!" They screeched
With their beetle eyes
And their pointed teeth
"How could you eat?"
I said I was sorry
I cried and cried
But nothing could tame them that night
They were ashamed, they'd said
Of what I'd done
"I'll never do it again!" I screamed
"Just make it stop!"
They shook their heads
And laughed in my face
"This what you deserve!
You'll understand some day!"
But I never did
And I still kind of don't
Nothing but spiders
Gnawing on my bones
It's been a while since then
They've mostly died out
Oh, but when I remember their eyes
I want to cry out
And ask them why
They've gnawed all this time
Did I deserve this treatment
For months of my life?
I wish I'd known then
That the spiders were mine
I could kill them, of course,
But it would take time
Because the spiders will stay
Until you think of the thing
Which keeps them alive
And take it away
They gnawed on my bones
But also on my heart and soul
So I hid those bones
Behind something much more
And I took my soul
And I gave it peace
Now the spiders don't usually
Gnaw on me.
Want to showcase your work? Whether you like to dabble in creative writing, swoosh some strokes on a canvas or snap pics, send us your poems, short stories and artwork to youwroteit@girlslife.com OR just click“Submit Your Own” below.
Plus! Love to sing, dance, act or play an instrument? Shoot over a video of your star-worthy performances! It could be featured right here! 

BY GL READER ON 3/2/2014 12:00:00 AM


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