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Grab our top Mom's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day will be here sooner than you think, which means you gotta figure out the perfect prezzie for Mommy Dearest. From DIY frames to sweetly scented selections, GL rounded up the cutest "how'd you know?" gifts your mom will totally heart.



  • 1PhoneCases.png

    Ring ring!

    You and your mom are BFFs, so why not show it off with these matching bestie iPhone cases? Plus, the floral print is so cute for spring!


    Besties iPhone 5/5s Case - Set Of 2, $25, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 2Planner.png

    Li’l notebook

    You’re so forgetful, so you always know you can count on your mom to keep up with your lacrosse practices and SGA meetings. Say thanks for always getting you there on time with with a flower-power planner.


    Agenda in Flower Shower, $25, verabradley.com

  • 3Coffee.png

    Coffee basket

    Moms are always on the go, so they definitely need a li’l bit of caffeine to keep them goin’. Grab a basket from any thrift store and fill it with your mom’s fave types of coffee. Mom’s not into coffee? Tea works too!


    Starbucks French Roast, $12, starbucks.com

  • 4Perfume.png

    Sweet scent

    Moms adore pretty perfumes, just like this rollerball perfume from American Eagle. Bonus, its compact size means your mom can stash it in her handbag when she’s on the move.


    AE Me Rollerball Frangrance, $25, ae.com

  • 5ElephantCreamer.png

    Spruce up the kitchen

    If your mom is the chef of the family, then there’s no doubt she spends a ton of time whipping up your fave dishes. So why not treat her to upgrade—and adorbs—tools? This elephant style creamer is completely perf.


    Ellie Creamer, $16, anthropologie.com

  • 6Candle.jpg

    Yum-yum candle

    There’s nothing better than candles that smell absolutely delish. This one is so sweetly fragrant, you’ll be asking your mom to keep it burning year-round, even if it’s scalding hot outside.


    Watermelon Lemonade, $13, bathandbodyworks.com

  • 6pinterest.jpg


    Short on scratch? No problem! Moms adore homemade gifts, so she’ll def fall for this one. Grab a plain frame from a craft store, a few basic paint colors and any other art supplies you fancy and go to town decorating the frame. Print out a cute pic of you and your mom, put it in the frame and voila! You got yourself an easy gift that can be done in a day. (P.S. You can hit up Pinterest for some inspiration if you’re stuck.)


    Pinterest via scrappando.typepad.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 3/11/2014 12:00:00 AM

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