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Our fave music videos from the stars of our April/May Music Issue

The April/May 2014 issue just hit stands and we gotta say, this is one issue you don’t wanna miss. Pick up a copy of our first-ever Music Issue and you’ll get the inside scoop on some of our favorite rising stars. From cover girl Becky G and Before You Exit, to R5’s Rydel and Ratliff, Madison Beer and everyone in between, we guarantee you’re gonna fall for these featured artists as much as we already have.


To get a sneak peek at how talented the stars of our April/May 2014 issue are, we decided to round up a list of our favorite music videos from each. Want more from these vocal powerhouses? Some will be making stops across the country as part of “On The Road to the RDMAs” tour, some will be popping up at the free RDMA Pre-Show Festival taking place in L.A.’s Nokia Plaza April 26…and some you’ll spot on the stage when this year’s RDMAs airs on Disney Channel April 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. CLICK HERE for more deets. 


“Play It Again” – Becky G.

We love this music vid because it incorporates everything we dig about Becky G. From her style to where she came from, you can really get a sense of who Becky truly is.



“(I Can’t) Forget About You” – R5

We can’t get enough of this hilarious music vid. We love the storyline the gang creates and how we can get a view of another beautiful country. Not to mention, the song is super catchy with a fun chorus.



“I Like That” – Before You Exit

We can’t help but smile when watching this. Not only are these boys super cute, but it showcases their adorable ‘n’ fun personalities. While running around on the pier and trying to get a girl (Stefanie Scott, to be exact) to notice them, these dudes can still rock it.



“Melodies” – Madison Beer

This song is totally catchy and has us dancing along to the beat. Watching this makes us long for those warm summer days with our buds. Don’t you agree?



“Made In The U.S.A (Demi Lovato)” – Elle Winter

We can’t get enough of Elle! Her covers are amazing and showcase her ability to give songs a new meaning. Like this one, for example: She takes a pump-up hit and gives it a more relaxed vibe.



“Tonight” – Jessica Sanchez ft. Ne-Yo

This video makes us want to grab our fave heels and go out dancing! The song is the perfect mix to listen to when getting ready for the big school dance with your girls and we love that the music vid is loaded with super cute fashion and killer moves.



“Run, Run, Run” – Celeste Buckingham

This song gets stuck in your head before you even have time to learn the words. We love this video and the simplicity behind it. Not only is the set beautiful, but Celeste’s style is spot on.



Be sure to check out GL’s April/May 2014 issue (on stands now!) for more on these stars.


Which music video do you love most right now? Share in the comments below.




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