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9 spring-y things to enjoy way past break


Spring is officially here and we couldn't be happier––well, unless it was also bringing the start of a summer-length spring break. Hey, a girl can dream right? In celebration of all things that scream warmer temps, we rounded up nine things that'll have ya fully enjoying the start of the season.  


Dining al fresco

If your school lets ya go outside during lunch, grab your brown bag and make it a picnic. The fresh air will help ya recharge.


Fresh flowers

Wildflowers are just as beautiful as store-bought, so there’s no reason not to pick a bundle for your room (or plant some seeds in a window-side pot).


Cut-off shorts

Finally! Craft a new pair out of worn-out jeans with a pair of scissors, some chalk to help you mark your cutting line and patience. Measure once, cut it long, then keep going shorter and shorter ‘til you’re happy.


Bare toes

Wiggle those piggies in the grass,  run through sprinklers and play fetch with spike!


Climbing trees

Grab your current assigned reading, toss it in a bag over your shoulder and pick your favorite limb to curl up on.


Fresh produce

Forget the grocery store, tag along with mom and head to the local farmer’s market. For a fun afternoon, pick one thing you’ve never eaten before, ask the person selling it how to prepare it, then go home, invite your BFFs and get cooking.


Rita’s Water Ice

Don’t make us pick a favorite flavor. Just don’t.


Warm spring rain

From falling asleep to thunder, getting caught in a surprise shower, taking in the rainbows and puddle jumping with pals, we love every aspect. Except maybe the mud.


Crazy critters

Yes, birds tweeting at dawn is a wee bit annoying, but get out there and take in Mother Nature. We love watching squirrels—they’re hysterical.


What’s your favorite thing about spring? Share in the comments below!


BY GL ON 3/20/2015 12:00:00 AM


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