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7 fictional sisters we totally adore

Sisters. You can go from being the best of friends to enemies in a switch of a button. But no matter what, you’ll always love your sister—even when she can get super annoying. We love seeing strong sibs in TV and movies and how they represent what sisterhood is all about. From twins to those with special powers, these sisters are one in the same. Here is a list of some of our fave sweet fictional sister duos.



  • 1Frozen.jpg

    Anna and Elsa (Frozen)

    Frozen is taking over the world and we can’t help but fall in love with these sisters. Although they may not have had the best relationship growing up, their love for each other never faded. We seriously melt every time we think of Anna risking her life to save Elsa.

  • 2RamonaBeezus.jpg

    Ramona and Beezus (Ramona and Beezus)

    It’s not easy being Ramona’s big sister, but Beezus is up to the challenge. No matter what mess Ramona gets into, Beezus is always along for the ride. Through the thick and thin, these sisters are there for each other and constantly ready to make some memories.

  • 3HauntedHathaways.jpg

    Taylor and Frankie (Haunted Hathaways)

    Not only do these sisters have to live with their family, they also have to deal with a ghostly one! We love how much fun these two always know how to have a good laugh. It must not be easy living with ghosts, but these girls make it look fun.

  • 4HungerGames.jpg

    Katniss and Prim (The Hunger Games)

    We’ve already established that nothing says sisterhood more than sacrificing your life for the other. When Prim’s name got called in the Reaping, Katniss didn’t even hesitate to volunteer as tribute. That act of selflessness just makes us want to go give our sisters a hug.

  • 5GoodLuckCharlie.jpg

    Teddy and Charlie (Good Luck Charlie)

    These two are years apart in age, but their bond is as strong as ever. Teddy continually makes videos for Charlie so she can go back learn from what happened in her life when she gets older. We love how much Teddy cares for Charlie and may or may not have shed a tear (or two) when Teddy recorded the last vid for her li’l sis.

  • 6ChroniclesofNarnia.jpg

    Lucy and Susan (The Chronicles of Narnia)

    This dynamic duo becomes even closer when they must work together with their brothers to help save Narnia. Even though Lucy is much younger than Susan, we love that the two see each other as equals and are always there to protect one another.

  • 7LivandMaddie.jpg

    Liv and Maddie (Liv and Maddie)

    Even though these twins are both played by Dove Cameron, they each have different characteristics that we love. When Liv returns and Maddie is no longer the star of the school, their relationship is strained. But the great thing is they always forgive each other in the end. We heart how these two know that family comes first and sisters are for forever.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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