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10 cool things to do with a quart of paint

For less than $15, you can grab a quart of paint at your local hardware store and do, well, tons of different things to freshen up your bedroom. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Have some more of your own? Share them in the comments!


Create an accent wall. Paint the wall behind your bed to act as a faux headboard, or paint your lounge area a relaxing shade to set off the area.


Do a design. You can use painter’s tape to create stripes, chevrons and tons of other patterns—even letters—on your bedroom walls.


Give old furniture a facelift. You will need to sand and prime it first, so consider this a weekend project.


Do the dip. If you have a simple wooden chair at your desk, consider dipping each of the table legs into the quart container, and letting the paint drip down the legs as it will. It’s a neat effect no one will have seen before.


Trim it. Who says you can’t paint your trim a different color? If you’re not feeling quite that bold, try painting the inner edge of your bedroom and closet doors, instead.


Freshen up your ceiling. If you have neutral walls, consider spicing up your bedroom by painting the ceiling a different color. It’ll be a surprise when your buds peek up.


Don’t shelve it! If you’re a book lover or an avid collector, try taping off your shelves and painting the backboards. They’ll peek through your books and knick knacks, adding an unexpected punch of color.


Bedazzle those drawers. In the same vein, you don’t have to stop at the exterior of your dresser or desk. Sand and prep the drawer interiors with primer, and then paint a few light coats (no drips!) in a bright shade.


Add architectural details. Wish your space was more interesting? Use paint to create chair rails (about one-third the way up the wall), paneling or an ornate headboard for your bed.


Make your pictures pop. If you’re tired of boring wood or metal picture frames and mirrors, consider freshening yours up with pops of color. This is a great way to give thrift store or yard sale finds with different textures, shapes and sizes some unity, too.


What’s your best paint project? Tell us in the comments!




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 3/29/2014 12:00:00 AM


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