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Our favorite new cover vids of the week

Is this week dragging by and leaving you dreaming of the weekend? Either way, we’ve got some new videos that will leave you smiling and dancing all the way to Friday. Don’t you just love hearing a different interpretation to a popular hit? It’s like the song takes on new meaning. From groups to solo acts, these awesome new covers of some already popular hits are doing just that for us this week.


“Safe and Sound” – MAX, Zendaya, Kina Grannis and Kurt Schnieder

We heart this cover not only because of how talented this group is, but also because it’s so fun. We love how the gang turns something as simple as a Coca-Cola bottle into an instrument and they look like they’re having the time of their lives doing it. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing these stars together again real soon.



“Happy” – CIMORELLI ft. Tyler Ward

This cover makes us, well, happy! We love this power girl group and how their voices mix so well together. And adding in Tyler gave the song a whole new dimension. Way to take a mega hit that’s been covered by so many people already and make it your own!



“19 You + Me” – Megan and Liz

We admit, this Dan + Shay tune wasn’t originally on our radar. But after hearing these singing sisters belt out their own version, we’re hooked! We love how easygoing and relaxed the song is and Megan and Liz really show that through their airy vid.



“Unwritten” – Boyce Avenue ft. Diamond White

We can’t get enough of this acoustic cover that will have you singing along from the first word. We love how they gave Natasha Bedingfield’s tune a softer sound without changing the build-up in the chorus. Watch it, and we guarantee you’ll be smiling from beginning to end.



Which new cover vid do you heart? Share in the comments below.




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