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Can't Blame Sabrina Carpenter for being super fab

We’re so excited to watch the premiere of Girl Meets World on Disney Channel this summer, aren’t you? The brand new show (and spinoff to everyone’s favorite Boy Meets World) stars Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews and Sabrina Carpenter as Riley’s BFF Maya Hart. 


As it turns out, Sabrina is a multi-talented 14-year-old chick. Not only is she an actress, but Sabrina dabbles in singing, too. Well, she more than dabbles in it considering the beautiful blondie is releasing her very first EP, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, on April 8


Jam out to Sabrina’s super sweet debut single below…



We got a chance to check out Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying before it releases next Tuesday. What did we think? (Spoiler alert: We loved it!). Check out our track by track breakdown below. 


“Can't Blame a Girl for Trying”

Sometimes love is frustrating, right? This totally relatable track touches on that. We all act a little silly and stupid when it comes to that special someone, and we’d be lying if we said we’d never cried over a crush. Can we also mention we’re slightly obsessed with the fact that Sabrina plays a ukulele in this song?


“The Middle of Starting Over”

We heart the super folksy sound of this jam. And just like Sabrina, we def don’t have time for any nonsense that’s gonna weigh us down. So if you have some drama in your life, Sabrina has advice for you: Keep a smile on your pretty face and just start over.


“White Flag”

Ugh, we’re endlessly envious of Sabrina’s voice. We’re also lovin’ these lyrics: “If the riptide comes to get me and pulls me under, it won’t upset me.” Take it from this super successful Disney chick: When you get knocked down, all you gotta do is get back up again.


“Best Thing I Got” (also known as GL’s fave)

Maybe it’s because Sabrina is so cutesy and cheeky, but we’re gettin’ a lot of Demi Lovato vibes form this tune. It’s such a fun song that we guarantee you’ll be belting it with your besties at your next sleepover. And while you’re kickin’ it with your crew, find a way to make that Sabrina and Demi duet happen. It’s something we’d love to see.


If one EP wasn’t enough, GL just got word that Sabrina will be hitting the road this summer and will be releasing a full-length debut album later this year. So remember this name, babes, because Sabrina Carpenter will be doing huge things in 2014. CLICK HERE to stay in the loop on this amazing star.


Are you excited to listen to Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying? Pumped to watch Girl Meets World this summer? Share in the comments below.




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 4/3/2014 10:00:00 AM

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