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From acquaintance to good friend: 5 places to make a new pal

Looking to expand your social circle? Look no further than the girls and guys you hang with casually day in and day out. You may never have considered getting to know them better than the daily, “Hey, how are you?” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prime friendship material. Here are 10 places your new bud might be lurking.


In gym class

You’ve got your gym buddies, the folks you team up with for a little one-on-one basketball or for holding your feet during the sit-up challenge. You can moan and groan and walk the track together, but why not open up a little bit more about what’s going on in your life?


On the bus

All year, you’ve been parking it next to the same person. And while you can small talk your way to school in the few minutes you spend inches away from each other, you wouldn’t consider yourself friends. ‘Til now. Ask them if they’d like to grab an ice cream cone after school, or if they’d like to join you and your friends for pizza on a half day.


On your running route

You pass the same chica every other day. Instead of nodding as you pass, why not wave at her to hold up and suggest meeting up for a run together once a week? Science shows that working out with a friend can increase your overall fitness and motivation. Add a new friend into the mix, and that’s a pretty good deal.


During a study group

A few folks from your honors chem. class get together a few times a month to go over some of the tougher concepts. When the pompous person in your circle starts talking sig figs and titrations, you roll your eyes at the same dude—and he rolls his right back at ya. It might just be time to get to know the guy better. Add him to your co-ed crew’s next movie night or see if he’s free for a low-key BBQ sometime this spring.


In homeroom

You’ll be in the same alphabetized homeroom for the next four years, so why not make the most of your fellow L’s? If you’re locker buddies with a certain someone and will be for the foreseeable future, see if they want to join you to study for a math test you two have in common, or if they want to go see a local group you’ve noticed they like.


Where did you meet your newest friend? Tell us in the comments!



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 4/5/2014 1:24:00 PM


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