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Get your pack on: Our fave packing tips for the traveling girl

So you’re finally heading out for a much needed weekend getaway, but packing has you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Skip the stress by picking up these perf travel accessories that will keep you super prepared and organized. Forget worrying about those dreadful packing duties, and get ready for some fun in the sun!



  • 1packingtips.jpg.jpg

    Tangle free

    We all know that ‘uh-oh’ feeling we get when we see all of the jewelry we packed tangled in a huge knot. Sidestep this annoyance by perfectly placing your jewelry in this traveler set. With grids to store earrings and special pockets and hangers for necklaces and bracelets, your gems will stay knot-free. Plus, the cute bright raspberry color doesn’t hurt!


    Raspberry Traveler, $25, lorileighdesigns.com

  • 2packingright.jpg


    When you’re going on a quick weekend getaway, you may not always be sure what the sleeping sitch is gonna be. By packing a two-in-one pillow and blanket set you will be sure to sleep warm and comfy, no matter where you lay your head. Even better: the blanket fits perfectly inside the pillow, leaving more room inside your duffel.


    Nap Sac Travel Blanket and Pillow Set, $31, luglife.com

  • 3packingright.jpg

    Tiny tools

    Keep your hair looking fab without having to lug (and possibly ruin) your larger, more expensive flat iron. This mini miracle worker can quickly tame any mess and give you the perfect hair-weekend.


    Plugged in Black Diamond Mini Tourmaline Flat Iron, $20, sallybeauty.com

  • 4packingright.jpg

    Dotty duffle

    Pack up your weekend necessities in this fun and functional bag. With its convenient wheels, you won’t have to drag around your heavy luggage.


    GL tip: Pick a bag with a fun pattern to be sure it will stand out at baggage claim!


    Rockland 22” 2-Wheeled Travel Duffel, $24, wayfair.com

  • 5packingright.jpg

    Supergirl solution

    Complete your packing list with 17 essentials that could save the day in any emergency. And no need to worry about taking up too much room in your duffel because this kit is teensy tiny! It comes with everything from earring backs to stain remover and dental floss—you know what they say, great things come in small packages!


    Minimergency Kit For Her in Rose, $17, francescas.com

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