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6 awkward prom date sitches...solved!

Having a rocking night with your prom date is a memory you won’t soon forget. In fact, it’s the whole point of going to prom! But unavoidable probs are sure to arise—take our word for it. Here at GL, we have had our fair share of completely awk prom mishaps, but we’ve lived and we’ve learned from them. Now we’re dishing out tips and tricks on how to solve any prom sitch so that you can have the best. prom. ever.


Your date is a complete snooze-fest.

Having a date who refuses to dance is no fun at all, but some of us just aren’t comfortable breaking out our dance moves in public. So the best thing to do is compromise with your date: Spend some time showing off your best moves and take frequent punch breaks or time to talk to your friends. If your sweetie’s still hesitant to dance in front of a huge crowd, take their hand and say, “It’s easy! Let me show you.” Then bust out a basic two-step anyone can pull off. Boom, stage freight gone.


Your girls set you up with a date you barely know.

Going on a date with a complete stranger is something that would normally send you running in the other direction. But prom is a great way—no, the best way—to get to know someone. You’ll find out if they’re a good dancer, if they have manners and most importantly, if they can make you laugh! If the conversation lulls, ask easy-going, open-ended questions (think: Qs that don’t end in “yes” or “no”). That oughta get ‘em chatting. 


Your “sweetie” spends all his time with another girl.

Arriving at a dance with your date only to find them slow dancing with someone else moments later is the absolute worst. But if you let it ruin your night, you’ll def regret it—trust us. So make the most of your time under the dazzling disco ball by grabbing your crew and dancing like no one’s watching. Who says you need a date to have fun, anyway?


Your date doesn’t know how to take prom pics.

Prom pics are a fun and easy way to commemorate your magical night. But snapping shots with your sweetie can definitely be awkward—how should you stand? Should you and your date hold hands? It can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. You and your date can stick to a signature pose to ensure that you don’t look super fumbly. But if you get tired of just one pose, take a peek at how your pals are working it for the camera and try to replicate their moves.


Your date doesn’t like your crew.

It’s always uncomfortable when your special someone isn’t fond of your friends, but when you throw prom night into the mix things can get even worse. No doubt your friends are gonna want to make prom memories with you but your date def will too. To fix the sitch, take turns getting down on the dance floor with your girls as well as your date. Splitting your time means that you can be sure that everyone will have a fab time.


Dinner bill—who pays?

The silence that falls when a waiter sets your check on the table can be deafening, but you can avoid that by offering to split. It’s super courteous, so always come prepared even if you’re 100% sure your date will pick up the tab. You never know, your date could end up being a total dud. But if they insist on paying even after you offer, then let it go and make sure to get the check on the next date.


Have you had an awkward moment at a dance? Share in the comments below. 




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 4/13/2014 1:00:00 PM

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