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3 spring closet staples, 6 adorbs looks



Every season brings new staple items you should have hanging in your closet. Our picks for this spring? A pair of strappy sandals, a fun floral skirt and the oh-so-versatile striped button down. Check out the night and day looks we suggest for those busy spring schedules.



  • 1springstaples.jpg

    Introducing: The Spring Staples

    These three items are so versatile and go equally well all together! Wear them at once for a fail-proof getup or mix and match with other fun pieces in your wardrobe, depending on the occasion.


    Essential Striped Button-Down, $20,

    Jersey Skirt, $21,

    Stephanie Gladiator Sandal, $16,

  • 2springstaples.jpg

    Stripes: For daytime

    Instead of paring your button down with a pair of high-wasted shorts, why not try mixing it up with a pair of overall shorts? Pull your look together with a comfy pair of TOMS and a classic pair of shades. You’ll stand out with your funky suspenders but keep the rest simple enough to not overdo it.


    Essential Striped Button-Down, $20,

    Classic Canvas Slip On TOMS, $48,

    Aviator Sunglasses, $25,

    Parisian Light Blue Cross Back Denim Braces Shorts, $28,

  • 3springstaples.jpg

    Stripes: For evening

    If you need a slight outfit change from day to night, it’s simpler than you think! Keep your staple button down and throw it on knotted over a cute spring dress. Fancy it up with some wedges, a clutch and jewelry and you’re good to go! A casual yet cute look for a dinner date or night on the town.


    Essential Striped Button-Down, $20,

    Endless Love Short-Strand Necklace, $6,

    2 Lips Too To Anchor Wedge Sandal, $47,

    Cameo Rose Cream Floral Print Bustier Skater Dress, $28,

    Envelope Purse with Metal Bar, $19,

  • 4springstaples.jpg

    Floral: For daytime

    Spring brings life back to the world around us and our wardrobes. Make a super cute springtime day outfit by paring your multicolored floral skirt with soft, pretty neutrals. Keep it casual with subtle accessories and flat sandals. A cropped sweater is perfect for the breezy spring weather.


    Jersey Skirt, $21,

    Pretty Flower Triple Wire Alice Band, $16,

    Feather Pendant Necklace, $15,

    Favorite Jelly Sandals, $13,

    Cable Knit Loungewear Crop Top, $35,

  • 5springstaples.jpg

    Floral: For evening

    Easily transform your floral daytime look into a fun evening look by swapping your sweater for a flouncy crop top and leather jacket for some edge. Lengthen your legs with some strappy wedges and add a touch of jewelry and you are good to go for an unforgettable spring night.


    Jersey Skirt, $21,

    Triangle Long Necklace, $15,

    Strappy Mule Cork Wedge Sandal, $42,

    Faux Leather Caramel Bomber Jacket, $40,

    Crocheted Top, $14,

  • 6springstaples.jpg

    Strappy Sandals: For daytime

    If it’s a particularly warm day out, sport your strappies with some casual high-wasted jean shorts and a cute crop. Spice up the look with a few accessories. If you’re wearing an outfit that exposes your arms, this is the perfect time to add some arm candy!


    Stephanie Gladiator Sandal, $16,

    Stipe Denim Shorts, $32,

    Stitched Floral Crop Top, $11,

    Set of Four Chain Bracelets with Beads and Faith Script, $9,

    Black Contessa Cat Eye Sunglasses, $15,

    Blue Denim Wire Bow Headband, $6,

  • 7springstaples.jpg

    Strappy Sandals: For evening

    Don’t be afraid to try the palazzo pant! They are a little intimidating at first, but they make for great bottoms on a breezy spring night, since they’re airy enough for the warm weather (not to mention they’re super comfy). A simple black tank goes great with the patterned pant and strappy sandals. Add some tribal jewelry to stick to the earthy vibe.


    Stephanie Gladiator Sandal, $16,

    Gold Black Stone Rings, $13,

    Tribal Spikes Necklace, $10,

    Joe Benbasset Palazzo Pant, $34,

    Mango Black Cropped Top, $30,

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