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6 stars you need to be following on Instagram



Facebook and Twitter and Instagram...oh my! There are so many social networks to choose from, but it turns out that a recent survey by Piper Jaffray found that Instagram is the most popular among teens—who knew?! Personally, we heart Insta because it lets everyone become a photographer instantly. But we can barely contain our excitement when our fave celebs post new pics. Check out our faves from their feeds below.



  • 1Demi.jpg

    Demi Lovato – @ddlovato

    Keeping up with Demi Lovato’s constantly changing hair color is no easy task, but thanks to her sassy selfies, we’re in the know each and every time Demi dons a new ’do. Her rainbow hued hair is gorge, but when Demi posted this pic of her hanging with Lucy Hale, we were so giddy. We had absolutely no idea these mystical music mavens were friends!

  • 2Lucy.jpg

    Lucy Hale – @lucyhale

    Speaking of Lucy, we’re in L-O-V-E with her pics too. We squeal every time she posts a BTS snap from the Pretty Little Liars set and her #foodstagrams make us drool for days. But we can’t get enough of the exclusive updates Lucy posts about her debut album Road Between, which is why this pic of the lyrics to “You Sound Good To Me” Lucy shared back in December is our fave.

  • 3Niall.jpg

    Niall Horan – @niallhoran

    If you need a way to brighten your day, look no further than Niall’s Instagram feed. His selfies are to die for (look at those blue eyes!), and he even loves snapping pics with celeb pals like Olly Murs and Katy Perry. Plus, following Niall means you get an extra dose of cute each time he snaps a shot of the other 1D boys or his totally adorbs nephew. Awww!

  • 4Ashton.jpg

    Ashton Irwin – @ashtonirwin

    5 Seconds of Summer is blowing up these days (the Aussie boys debuted at number two on the Billboard charts this week!) and we love getting in on all the action. No one is better at dishing up-to-the-minute info than the band’s drummer, Ashton Irwin. Our fave Ashton Insta? We’re head over heels for his cheesy smile and rocker vibes in this pic he shared from a recent in-store signing.

  • 5Jackson.jpg

    Jackson Harris – @jacksonharris

    We just can’t get enough of Jackson Harris at GLHQ. We had a blast with him at the Girls’ Life Spring Fling, and apparently he did too since he posted this awesome selfie with the crazy Baltimore crowd as soon as he got off stage.

  • 6Lorde.jpg

    Lorde – @lordemusic 

    Lorde is an honest gal who sticks to her beliefs, and the same can be said about her Insta pics. Her super artsy shots are spectacular, but we love this pretty pic the most. With the caption “in bed in Paris with my acne cream on,” she reminds us that flaws are OK (and that skin care is important!).

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



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