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PMS cravings? 4 snacks to eat (and 4 to avoid) to kick cramps to the curb



When that time of the month rolls around, all you wanna do is assume fetal position, stuff your face with junk food, crank up T. Swift and throw shade at your BGFs for not going through the same pain. Been there! But when we found out that some of our fave cravings can actually increase cramps, bloating and irritability, we decided to change our monthly routine ASAP. Before you reach for the Oreos, try these delish foods that’ll have ya kicking your period cramps in no time.


You Crave: Coffee and Caffeine

Now Try: Herbal Tea

Sure, coffee and sodas can give you a quick energy boost when you’re feeling drowsy. But caffeine can actually prolong your period pains. Cutting back on caffeine while on your flow can reduce bloating and calm your cantankerous tummy. If you still want the warm feeling coffee, low-caffeine tea is your best bet (think: herbal, green or white tea). With tonsa delicious flavors, these teas make you more alert without overwhelming your system.


You Crave: Reese’s and Snickers and Twix…Oh my!

Now Try: Dark Chocolate

Yup, you can still get your chocolate fix while giving your body the boost it needs! Eating chocolates loaded with sugar will leave you feeling groggy and gross, but dark chocolate will help you defeat period-related irritability. This yummy chocolate is full of antioxidants that will have ya geared up to conquer the world.


You Crave: Salty Treats

Now Try: Popcorn and Trail Mix 

Who doesn’t like to nom on salty pretzels and chips? Though these treats seem like a must, you can get the same satisfaction by munching on fat-free popcorn and trail mix. Popcorn has the taste you love with less salt and calories, giving your body a break from the bloat-inducing snacks. Trail mix full of nuts, dried fruit and itty-bitty candy morsels gives you everything you love in one convenient snack.


You Crave: Ice Cream

Now Try: Fruit Pops

There’s no denying ice cream is ah-mazingly delicious. But digging into a few scoops can actually intensify your cramps, leaving you in more pain. Eek! Fruit pops will give you the perf mix of creamy and cold that you’re craving while keeping your hormones in check.


Bonus Tip: While on your period, your body is getting pretty beat up. Hit up the market with your mom and find some vitamins that will help give your bod the iron and potassium it’s losing. Also, make sure to chug down water during this week. Drinking plenty of H2O will give you the hydration it needs and help you get passed this dreaded week with a smile on your face. 




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BY CAITLIN MOYNIHAN ON 4/16/2014 3:00:00 PM

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