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Hop on down the fashion trail! What to wear on Easter

Family brunch, egg dyes and goody-filled basket hunts are right around the corner…but what to wear? Stay on trend with pastels and prints—perfect for any Easter activity or get together!



  • 1easter.jpg

    Suit it up

    If you’re going for a strong statement, this colorful suit is the way to go. First, pair a bold pink shrug with matching shorts. Then, just add a comfy tank and flats and you’re ready for a fun Easter egg hunt.


    Linen-blend Tank Top, $18, hm.com

    Retrology Linen-blend Open Neck Shrug, $25, tjmaxx.com

    Mossimo Supply Co. Junior's Soft Printed Short - Assorted Colors, $20, target.com

    Vananda, $25, callitspring.com

    Get Lucky Necklace, $5, forever21.com

  • 2easter.jpg

    Simply chic

    If you aren't really into the bright colors, neutrals are the way to go. Look naturally stunning in a basic white button up, nude snake print pencil skirt and matching nude pointed toe flats. Perfect for a yummy Easter supper with family.


    Classic Dress Shirt, $5, forever21.com

    Snake Print Pencil Skirt, $17, tjmaxx.com

    Treggio, $40, callitspring.com

  • 3easter.jpg

    Hello, yellow

    Why not feel mellow in yellow? Instead of rushing to throw together an outfit for Easter, opt for the easy choice with a yellow pullover top, white jeggings and fun ankle strap wedges.


    Lightweight Rib Pullover Top, $17, tjmaxx.com

    Patent Single Sole Ankle Strap, $36, charlotterusse.com

    Denim Leggings, $30, nordstrom.com

  • 4easter.jpg

    Sassy in stripes

    If you need a comfy outfit for a fun night out, keep it simple. A black and white striped dress with a flare is super casual and far from boring. Sass it up with some silver flats and rhinestone studs and you’re good to go.


    Leather Kitty Lv Flats, $40, tjmaxx.com

    Cotton Classic County Dress, $50, tjmaxx.com

    Rhinestone Earrings, $4, loveculture.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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