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The 3 things you need to watch and do this Earth Day



Happy Earth Day, babes! Whether you’re recycling instead of using the trash or sipping on a reusable water bottle, there are tons of small ways to help Mother Earth today that have a mega impact. From fun activities to our fave celebs giving the globe some love, here are three reasons why helping out the Earth is super cool.


Go lights out for an hour

Turning off non-essential lights in your house from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. doesn’t seem too hard—especially once you realize it can have major impacts on the Earth. The World Wide Fund for Nature’s global initiative Earth Hour encourages families and organizations to use as little electricity and power as possible for one hour as symbol to their commitment to Mother Earth. While this year’s celebration has already passed, why not try to make it a daily (or even bi-weekly!) event in your own home. Tons of celebs, like Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Coldplay, promote Earth Hour and make us want to turn off the lights, too! 


Watch a Disneynature flick

We totally adore Disneynature’s movies like Bears, which is in theaters now. These documentaries give us an inside look at animals and their lives and remind us that the environment plays a huge role in their ability to live. And think of it this way: When we don’t take care of the Earth, we are endangering these precious animals. After seeing firsthand how important it is to keep the Earth healthy and clean, we always recycle and try to keep our pollution to a minimum. 


Lend a helping hand

Disney’s Friends for Change not only inspires and challenges us to make a positive impact on the planet, it gives you an opportunity to hang out with your fave celebs. Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Debby Ryan, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano are this year’s ambassadors and we totally heart that! We love that celebs are using this time to spread info about the importance of Earth Day and encouraging everyone to get involved. So be sure to check out for more information on how you can join the fun not only today, but every other day after that.


Want more ideas? Why not check out these 7 books to keep you in the green spirit or blast this Earth Day playlist


How are you celebrating Earth Day today? Share in the comments below.




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BY CAITLIN MOYNIHAN ON 4/22/2014 10:00:00 AM

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