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Listen to At Sunset (the other Aussie band we're crushing on!)



If you’re a mega fan of 5 Seconds of Summer and the beautiful One Direction boys (but then again, who isn’t?), then you’re def gonna want to make some room for the adorbs Aussie boys of At Sunset on your playlist. 


At Sunset is a trio that consists of bros Harrison and Andrew and their pal Tom (just like Emblem3!). The boys have already made it big in their hometown of Adelaide, Australia, and now they’re hopping continents to share their music to US fans. 


GL got a taste of their new tunes and knew all of you would just love to get the deets on each and every track on their four-song EP Back In Time (set to release this Tuesday, April 29). Check out our review below!


“Back in Time”

The kick drum and classic guitar kick-start this amazing tune, and by the first 10 seconds we knew we were gonna fall in love with this band (verdict: we’re swooning—hard). The entire song really shows off the true talent of the band and it def makes us want to get up and show off our dance moves, Zendaya style.


Check out the guys’ “Back in Time” vid below…



“Halloween on the Radio”

Trick or treat? This song is definitely a treat! It’s so unique and completely different from anything else on At Sunset’s EP. The lyrics are quirky, and we can imagine ourselves rocking out to this song in concert. No doubt, we’ll be singin’ this tune until Halloween actually rolls around. 


“Gotta Move On”

Andrew showcases his ah-mazing piano skills in this tune and then the rest of the band jumps in to throw in some techno touches. Talk about an eclectic sound! As for the lyrics, the boys spill their secrets about moving on from a rocky relationship and we definitely feel their pain.


“This is Who I Am”

It’s the ultimate summer sing-along. The guys sing, “You gotta take a chance to live it while you can.” They totally speak the truth! Whether you’ve got a fab voice or not, you’ll be belting this one out for everyone to hear and livin’ it up while you can.


Stay social and up to date with At Sunset by following them on Twitter, and don’t forget to pick up their brand new Back In Time EP when it’s released digitally on April 29.


Are you an At Sunset fan? Share in the comments below.




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 4/27/2014 12:00:00 AM


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