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6 tips on how to (gracefully) walk in high heels



While many of us love the idea of wearing high heels, the thought of actually throwing on a pair can seem a bit intimidating. Whether you own heels that you rarely wear or are looking to buy your very first pair, it’s important to learn the basics and get in some practice walking before graduating to higher and higher heights. 


So, if you have a special occasion approaching that requires dressing up and could use some tips on balancing your new shoes, read on—we promise that with a little poise, a good dose of confidence and a bit of practice, you’ll be walking in high heels like a total rockstar in no time!


Tip #1: Find the right pair

Walking in heels is all about finding the right pair that fits you properly—and getting your feet accustomed to the height. Note also that if the shoes pinch or feel uncomfortable in the store, they’re definitely gonna hurt after wearing them for an hour. We recommend starting off with a shorter and more substantial heel (stay away from the stilettos!). Once you have aced the walk, you can move up the inch ladder.


Tip #2: It’s all about the posture

Here’s the key: Stand tall, pull those shoulders back and engage your abdominal muscles. Keep your chin up and be sure to relax your knees while walking heel to toe (just like you do when wearing flats). Remember, you aren’t a robot, so keep your arms and hands moving freely at your sides.


Tip #3: Walk slowly

When you walk in high heels, keeping your balance is majorly important. Take your time making small steps. When practicing at home, try placing a book on top of your head and walking from one end of the room to the other. If you are walking up or down stairs be sure to use the railing—always take in your surroundings and be cautious of cracked or uneven floors.


Tip #4: Shoe inserts are your best friend

If you need to add some extra cushion to your step, shoe inserts are the way to go. Sometimes adding a little cushion to the padding of your foot or heel can really make a difference on how graceful you look while walking. Uncomfortable heels can make walking in heels miserable! So, if your inserts aren’t doing the job, you may need to reconsider the heels you are wearing.


Tip # 5: Confidence is key

Wearing heels is all about having confidence. Keep your head high as you enter the room and always keep that pretty head up—this will make you look more elegant. We suggest keeping a pair of roll-up flats in your bag to switch into (just in case your feet begin to bother you after a few hours). It’s much better to walk with confidence in a pair of flats than to struggle awkwardly in heels that hurt.


Tip # 6: Practice makes perfect 

Make sure you break in your new heels and practice, practice, practice! If your heels feel snug, we recommend wearing a pair of socks with them as you practice to stretch them out. Any free time you might have around your house, throw those heels on. Plus, practicing on various surfaces will be a huge help. Good luck!




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