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The next series you're going to obsess over hits shelves today! Check out Deep Blue and the Waterfire saga here...

Every now and then, a series comes along that totally captivates us. And hitting shelves today is a new sci-fi fantasy making waves: Deep Blue, the first book in the Waterfire saga from Jennifer Donnelly. Check out this tale of a brave mermaid and her quest across the six seas…

Press play for a peek at the book's epic creation


Dive into Deep Blue 
When the princess Serafina awakens on the morning of her coming-of-age ceremony, she knows something is wrong. Eerie dreams warn that evil is coming—and the omens prove to be true when her mother is poisoned by an assassin’s arrow and the realm falls into chaos.

Now it’s up to Sera to find the monsters who shot the queen—and prevent a battle from arising between the mer nations.

Along with her best friend, Sera sets out on a quest to find other mermaid heroines scattered across the six seas—and, together, the girls must use their powers to reveal a dark conspiracy and conquer their enemy.

The fight is fierce…but these mermaids will stop at nothing to save their underwater world.


Meet the mermaids
Deep Blue completely reinvents the classic mermaid tale you're used to—and each heroine has a sense of darkness and a fire all her own...


 •    •    •


Serafina is descended from Merrow, the ancient ruler of the Merfolk. She’s destined to rule her people one day, but first she must use the power of love to defeat the evil forces at work. Her courage and strength will lead the mermaids throughout their journey.

Neela is a total firework. She’s fun, sassy and super caring. She and her ancestors are known for their generosity and goodwill. For a superpower, she can manipulate and transform light.

Ling is soft, peaceful and smart. She uses her brains and gentle nature to communicate with sea plants and marine animals.


Becca is definitely somebody you want to have on your team. She’s fierce and thinks fast on her feet (er…fins). Her ability to innovate makes her a key player.

Ava is wise, witty and honest—total bestie material. She’s the girl who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind—oh and did we mention she can see the future?

Astrid is the oddball of the bunch. She’s bold and headstrong, but deep-rooted issues keep her from trusting the girls at first.


 •    •    • 



CLICK HERE to get a free excerpt 


BY GL ON 5/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

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