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5 thoughtful Mother's Day gifts to DIY



It’s almost Mother’s Day and most of us are trying to figure out what to give dear ol’ Mom. If you’re thinking of gifting her something a little more thoughtful this year, nothing screams “Mom, you’re the best!” better than crafting up a prezzie especially for her. 


We love finding new, fun ways to make Mom feel really special, so this year, we say skip the mall and make a handmade gift to show her how much she means to you. Check out some of our favorite DIY Mom’s Day gifts with step-by-step instructions below!



  • 1mothersdaydiy.jpg

    "Best Mom Ever" mug
    If your mom’s first move in the morning calls for a cup o’ joe, we love the idea of giving her a daily reminder of how truly awesome she is. Try snazzing up a coffee mug and write a special message. That way, she’ll never forget how much you care about her.


    Materials Needed:

    o Oil-Based Metallic Paint Marker or Acrylic Paint Marker

    o A Solid White Mug

    o Newspaper

    o Paper



    1. Take an old newspaper and spread over your workspace to prevent any potential messes.

    2. Grab a piece of white paper and practice writing your message.

    3. One you’ve mastered writing your message, grab your mug and carefully print your message—feel free to doodle your own designs for some spunk!

    4. Once your message is written, wait a few minutes for your mug to completely dry, then stick it in the over at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Once the mug has baked and your design/message has set and cooled it’ll be ready to gift. Mom will totally love sippin’ her morning cuppa with this super special mug.


    Image via laurenconrad.com

  • 2mothersdaydiy.jpg

    Mother’s Day mix

    Give your mom the perfect excuse to jam with you in the car. Create an awesome playlist with both your favorite tunes—one of hers, one of yours, etc. Driving to school in the morning with her will be so much more fun.



    o A Blank CD with case 

    o Paper

    o A permanent marker



    1. Create a playlist with 8-10 of you and your mom’s favorite songs—can’t get “Love Is an Open Door” from Frozen out of your head? Add it to the list.

    2. Write the song list on the top of the CD in circular motion, that way each time she pops it into her player she’ll be reminded of how in tune the two of you are.

    3. Don’t forget to print your favorite picture of the both of you for the cover of the CD to make it official—she’s definitely going to adore this musical gift.

  • 3mothersdaydiy.jpg

    Crafty bookmark

    Is your mom a total bookworm? Make her a pretty velvet ribbon bookmark paired with a hanging jewel so she’ll remember the page (and you!) every time she picks up her favorite read.



    o 9 x 2 inches of velvet ribbon material

    o 2 Ribbon Clamps (same width as your ribbon, approx. 1 inch each)

    o Charm or vintage trinket

    o Jump ring(s)

    o Needle/Flat nose pliers



    1. Cut your 9mm velvet ribbon to a desired length.

    2. Use your needle nose pliers to secure each end of the bookmark and its clamps

    3. Attach your jump ring to the end of your ribbon clamp

    4. Spruce up your bookmark and add a charm or earring to dangle at the end

    5. Be sure to slip the bookmark into your mom’s latest read and hand it to her Sunday morning.


    Image via ohsocrafty.blogspot.com

  • 4mothersdaydiy.jpg

    Strawberry Fields forever

    If your Mom’s got a green thumb and a sweet tooth, give her tastier than your garden variety bouquet…like strawberries! They’re low-maintenance, springtime fave. What’s not to love? 



    o Strawberry Plant

    o Dirt

    o Pot

    o Chalkboard Paint

    o Chalk

    o Scotch tape

    o Newspaper



    1. Purchase a strawberry plant at your local garden center store (think: Home Depot, Lowes or a local greenhouse)

    2. Once you have your plant, put it to the side until you have your clay pot ready.

    3. Lay down some newspaper to avoid any messes and take some scotch tape to outline a square box (large enough for your written message)

    4. Use the chalkboard paint to paint on a square box onto your pot. Once the paint has fully dried 24 hours later, go ahead and write your special message (keep it short and simple)…“Love you, Mom!” will do the trick.

    5. Take your strawberry plant and set it in your fresh new pot

    6. Don’t forget to wrap your plant in a nice bow!


    Image via greenbridgeguide.com

  • 5mothersdaydiy.jpg

    Breakfast in bed

    Instead of going out, treat Mom to a yummy Mother’s Day breakfast. Let's face it, even if you aren’t much of a cook, it’s practically impossible to mess this up. You could bring something as simple as her favorite bowl of cereal to bed, and your mom will still love it!



    o A serving tray

    o Utensils

    o Plate

    o Napkin

    o Juice/water/coffee

    o Her fave breakfast (Cereal? Scrambled eggs? Whatever she wants—it's her day!)



    1. Grab a serving tray and decoratively place the breakfast items on it (presentation is everything: so make it count.)

    2. Be sure to lay the appropriate utensils on each side of the bowl/plate

    3. Don’t forget to tuck a paper napkin to the side of the plate with a thoughtful Mother's Day message for her—a sweet 'n' simple alternative to a store-bought card. Are those happy tears we see? Success! 

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



+ Wanna show her you care? Start right here

+ Make a gift she’ll really love with these adorbs DIYs


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