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GL girls love It Takes Two...just read their reviews!

When twin sisters move to a new town—and immediately become the first family of football—they soon learn they’ll need to stick together…even if it means shining separately. Belle Payton’s It Takes Two: A Whole New Ball Game hits shelves today—but GL’s Buzz Babe book club scored this sporty story in advance. Read on for their reviews…and CLICK HERE to read an excerpt!

A whole new ball game
Just when twelve-year-old twins Alex and Ava thought life couldn’t get any more complicated, they get tossed into a whole new ball game.

The Sackett family just moved from to a tiny town in Texas so dad could coach the high school’s football team—but the overbearing heat isn’t all the girls must get used to. When Alex and Ava realize how much fame comes along with being the face of the football team, they must settle their differences and stick together for this new journey. But fitting in isn’t easy—can the twins stay on the same team, or does a new town mean a new start…as individuals?

Get the play-by-play
We sent advanced copies of It Takes Two to some of our GL Buzz Babe book club members—and the scores are in. Find out what they had to say…


  • ss-Tiffany.jpg

    Tiffany Nyguen, 14

    Indianapolis, IN

    Cutest quote
    "'It was a twin thing.'"

    The perf words to describe it
    "Sweet, loving, fun, interesting"

    Scene stealer
    "The best part was when Ava got the courage to cut her hair short.  I could never do that!"

  • ss-Shealyn.jpg
    Shealyn S.,13
    Savannah, NY

    Scene stealer
    "My favorite part is when Alex and Ava finally talk everything out and get completely honest about how they felt."

    Cutest quote
    "'We make a much better team when we don't fight.' I like it because the girls realize that they need each other—not just as sisters but as friends."

    The perf words to describe it
    "Addicting and relatable"
  • ss-Mercedes.jpg
    Mercedes A., 15
    Phoenix, AZ

    The perfect words to describe it
    "Interesting, unpredictable, creative, satisfying, funny"

    Snaps for the author's style
    "Belle Payton has a unique and fun writing style. She knows how to keep the reader's attention by making scenes really interesting and descriptive."

    Bestie book club
    "I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a quick, fun read I think every girl would truly enjoy."
  • ss-Ashley.jpg
    Ashley W., 15
    Mundelein, IL

    Bestie book club
    "It's the perf book club book—it has a good message."

    The perfect words to describe it
    "Awesome, relatable, funny, adorable"

    Snaps for the author's style
    "Belle Payton gives so much description! It makes it easy for the reader to visualize the events taking place."
  • ss-Amirah2.jpg
    Amirah E., 13
    Apollo Beach, Florida

    Scene stealer
    "I lov it when Ava and Alex plan the water balloon prank. TOO funny."

    Snaps for the author's style
    "Belle Payton was very descriptive. It was like I was watching a movie!"

    Bestie book club
    "I'd totally recommend such a good book—I can't wait to read the whole series."
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY GL ON 5/20/2014 12:00:00 AM

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