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One-piece bathing suits for every body type



From cut-out sides to fringes and frills, your search for the perfect one-piece bathing suit ends here. Prepare to be a total beach bombshell, because we’ve got some genius style tricks and super flattering suits that will be sure to turn heads all summer. Check out our top picks and tips to make finding the best one-piece for your body a total breeze.

  • suit_1ruler.jpg

    If you’re Ruler

    If you want to create the illusion of curves, slip yourself into this suit. The contrasting pattern on the sides give the appearance of a curvier figure and the adorable cut-out draws attention to your waist. 


    Blocked Halter One Piece, $35, Target.com
  • suit_2tall.jpg

    If you’re Tall

    Instantly look more proportional with a geo-patterned suit with cut-outs. Bold and symmetrical prints like this make a straight, tall figure look more curvaceous. Go for a suit that has a lot going on to highlight your model-like height. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! 


    Bandeau Cut Out Zig Zag Print Swimsuit, $35, Boohoo.com

  • suit_3petite.jpg

    If you’re Petite

    As a petite girl, your biggest concern is how to find a small swimsuit that doesn’t make you look like the kids you babysit. Try going for something sophisticated with a touch of spunk, like this solid black one-piece with multicolored straps. Check out your local department store’s petite section for a ton more options. 


    Braided Cage One-Piece, $25, forever21.com

  • suit_4apple.jpg

    If you’re Apple

    V-shaped necklines are the most flattering for an apple shape because they draw attention to all the right places. The ruffle design instantly lifts the eye away from your stomach and makes your middle look smaller. Go for high-cut legs to accentuate your slim hips and thighs. So fab. 


    Mossimo Flounce One Piece Swimsuit, $40, Target.com

  • suit_5pear.jpg

    If you’re Pear

    If you’re a little more bottom-heavy, get a suit that accentuates your torso and your neckline to draw the eye upwards. Choose a halter-top in a solid dark color or a big, bold pattern, like this super cute paisley print.


    Aerie Cutout One Piece, $50, ae.com

  • suit_6curvy.jpg

    If you’re Curvy

    Vertical or diagonal lines can create the illusion of a thinner torso by drawing your eye up and in, not out, which can actually make you appear wider (ugh!). We love the simple diagonal stripes on this suit; they’re sure to make you look slimmer the second you slip it on. 


    Draped One Piece Black Stripe, $40, Target.com

  • suit_7plus.jpg

    If you’re Plus

    There are so many super stylish and budget-friendly plus-size swimwear options available these days, so you have tons of options to chose from. Try on a one-piece with a high-cut leg to help elongate your legs to make you appear taller and slimmer. Stay away from solid horizontal striped suits and go for something more exciting with prints and patterns, like this floral number. 


    Floral Print Halter One Piece, $30, forever21.com

  • suit_8hourglass.jpg

    If you’re Hourglass

    If you’ve got an hourglass figure, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Try something out-of-the-box, like this animal print one-piece with majorly daring cut-outs. You’ll definitely be turning heads in this suit. 


    Floral Print One Piece Suit, $35, Hollisterco.com

  • suit_9athletic.jpg

    If you’re Athletic

    If you’ve got an athletic body type, then you’ve got lots of swimsuit choices to give ya all the curves you crave. Simple additions, like fringe and ruffles, can take you from a straight build to fabulous and curvaceous like that. You’ll be strutting through the sand like you’re on a runway—full confidence!


    LA Hearts Flounce One Piece Swimsuit, $46, Pacsun.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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