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The 5 worst things to talk about on a date

Dates are nerve-wracking, no question about that. Which outfit should you wear? How should you style your hair? What topic should you two talk about? And more importantly, what shouldn’t you talk about?


Well, we in the Guys department can help you with that last one. GL rounded up a list of topics that should never, ever cross your lips on a date—and what you should say instead.


Your ex

This is the biggest no-no in the book. Bringing up an ex spoils the exciting aura of a first date, which could cause the convo to take a turn for the worst. Chances are, your date will be too preoccupied comparing himself to your former flame to fill the gap in the convo. Instead of bringing up the past, talk about the future: What are his summer vacay plans? Is he attending any upcoming concerts? And if your night ends well, why not ask him what he’s doing next weekend?


Inside jokes only your besties understands

No doubt you and your buds have the best time goofing off. But outsiders, like your date, won’t have a clue what you’re talking about if you bring up a BFF-only joke. Awkward silence is sure to ensue, too. To avoid gabbing on about your besties and inside jokes, ask him about his crew.


Your political views

A first date is no place for talking about politics. As you can tell from Thanksgiving dinner with the relatives, serious debates can ensue no matter how close you are. Even if you two end up sharing similar views, it’s a topic you should def steer clear for quite a while. Politics aside, ask about his views on less heated topics, like his fave music, movie or the topping you should get for the ice cream sundae you’re splitting.


The dream you had last night

Sure, that bizarre dream you had touring the desert with Justin Timberlake was the coolest thing ever—to you, maybe. But recounting dreams to others is always, well, boring. There are always bits and pieces that blur together or are missing altogether. Keep the convo flowing naturally by asking your cutie about his dreams. No, not the ones floating through his head when he’s sound asleep, but his dream for past high school, college and beyond.


Trash talk

Whether you’re venting about something uncool your bestie did or complaining about the waiter, don’t talk badly about anyone in front of your date. Looking back at the night, your date will only remember the negative things you said, not your charming smile or witty jokes. Besides that, it’s just impolite to gossip about others. Keep things light by praising your loved ones and then ask him about his own wonderful fam and friends.




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 5/31/2014 5:32:00 PM

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