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GL turns 20: Our 20 fave nail ideas

One of our favorite obsessions is nail polish. After all, every fashionista knows her outfit is never complete without a totes fab manicure. And since it’s GL’s 20th birthday (woohoo!), we’re celebrating with a roundup of 20 of our fave manis you can do at home. What are you waiting for? Check it out!



  • 1DIYmani.jpg

    1. Metallic Sharpie Mani

    OMG manicures never got so easy! If nail art brushes aren’t your thing, pick up a metallic Sharpie. Bonus: Your Sharpie design can be swiped off with water just like that.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 2DIYmani.jpg

    2. Black Magic Mani

    This mani is dark, daring and dotted. You’ll look sleek and stylin’ with these decked-out digits.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 3DIYmani.jpg

    3. Feather Mani

    This feather-inspired mani is perfect for back-to-school weather, and will look adorbs in any color.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 4DIYmani.jpeg

    4. Geo Mani

    Make waves this summer with this pastel design. So bright and cheery, who’s ready for some fun?


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 5DIYmani.jpg

    5. Let it Snow Mani

    So it may be summer, but this snowflake mani is undeniably cute. Think winter thoughts on hot summer days.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 6DIYmani.jpg

    6. Bloomin’ Beautiful Mani

    Ahh, flowers on your tips. It’s springtime bliss without the pollen allergies.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 7DIYmani.jpg

    7. Star Spangled Mani

    This one’s perf for the Fourth of July! No doubt you’ll be the most patriotic one at the BBQ. #PartyInTheUSA


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 8DIYmani.jpg

    8. Confetti Inspired Mani

    It’s party time for your nails! Add loose glitter for an even more stylish look.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 9DIYmani.jpg

    9. Manis for the Nail Art Challenged

    OK, not everyone is a nail art master, sure. So here are tons of ways to make your nails look fab easy. Trust us!


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 10DIYmani.jpg

    10. Neon French Mani

    Is your style classic with a twist? Try this spin on the classic French mani with a pop of neon. Totes unexpected.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 11DIYmani.jpg

    11. Chic Chevron Mani

    Bottom line: This mani is as chic as can be. Chevron looks especially striking in dark colors with a flash of metallic trim.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 12DIYmani.jpg

    12. Cupcake Mani

    Everyone knows the way to a girl’s heart is through a cupcake. Watch this step-by-step video on how to get tasty treats on your fingertips.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 13DIYmani.jpg

    13. Firework Mani

    We love our Ravens. (GL HQ is based in Baltimore, after all.) Rock this purple, black and white firework design during football season.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 14DIYmani.jpg

    14. Ombre Mani

    Want to learn how to paint a perfect ombre? Here’s an easy tutorial that puts almost all your nail polishes to use.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 15DIYmani.jpeg

    15. Punky Pastel Mani

    This mani says sassy and sweet. It’s the best of both worlds, babes.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 16DIYmani.jpeg

    16. Chevron Stripes Mani

    Chevron is the trendiest print for nails, period. It's so in right now and won’t be going anywhere soon.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 17DIYmani.jpeg

    17. Magnetic Mani

    What a fashionista! With this special polish, just wave a magnet over your freshly coated nails, and your mani will have a 3-D effect. So edgy.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 18DIYmani.jpeg

    18. Half Moon Mani

    We’re obsessed with the half moon mani. It’s so fashion forward and looks fab in any two colors.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 19DIYmani.jpeg

    19. Ombre Glitter Mani

    OK, actually this mani is the ultimate party on your nails. Ombre and glitter? Can’t get any glammer than that!


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • 20DIYmani.jpeg

    20. Nail Caviar

    We may have been saving the best for last. With a careful sprinkle of these micro-beads on your nails, you’ll prove manicures aren’t simply nail polish, but a true fashion statement.


    Get the tutorial HERE.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Let’s be honest: All of these mani’s are fab, but which mani are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments below.






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BY DEVEN FELDSTEIN ON 5/31/2014 12:00:00 PM

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