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Word up! A new kind of statement necklace

Tired of the typical colorful or flowery statement necklaces? Rock a statement necklace that actually makes a statement. These necklaces send whatever message you want while making your outfit scream awesome. 



  • 1wordnecklace.jpg

    L is for love

    This dripping painted love necklace is sure to add a little bit of edginess to any outfit.


    Love Necklace, $3, loveculture.com

  • 2wordnecklace.jpg

    Keepin’ it cool

    This gold “cool” necklace keeps it classy with a hint of sass. Just what your jewelry box needed.


    Cool Necklace, $10, delias.com

  • 3wordnecklace.jpg

    Mysterious twist

    This mysterious necklace adds flare with a touch of bling and a whole lot of fun. And for the girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously, a sparkly mini mustache. Adorbs!


    Word Necklace mysterious with mustache, $20, betseyjohnson.com

  • 4wordnecklace.jpg

    ‘Cause I’m happy

    Wear your mood on your neck with this glitzed-out “happy” necklace. Pick up an extra for your BFF so the two of you can show off your good mood to the world.


    Happy Bling short-strand necklace, $5, aeropostale.com

  • 5wordnecklace.jpg

    Make it your own

    If you want something totally original, make your own statement necklace! Whether you want to keep it simple with your name or get creative with a catchy phrase, you can do either with this awesome kit.


    Make Your Own Charm Necklace, $25, claires.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg




BY JILL ROBBEN ON 6/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

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