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"I found my flavor!": Beauty vlogger Sam rocks Wild Raspberry



It's #FlavorFridays: 4th of July! edition. On this patriotically fresh Friday, we're shining a spotlight on our latest lucky GL girl and her fave Lip Smacker flavor.

Wanna be one of our featured beauty babes? Just CLICK HERE to fill out the quick Q&A. Need help finding your fave flavor? No worries—THIS QUIZ will spill your perfect pairing.


Meet Sam… 

Samantha W., 18, is the edgy vlogger behind CopyCatBeauty (check her out at copycatbeauty.com and youtube.com/copycatbeauty1)—our current fave for awesome hair and makeup tutorials. Sam keeps it simple with easy-to-follow instructions and on-point beauty advice. Keep reading to see which Lip Smacker flavor is a must-have for this makeup maven...and snag her best beauty tips.
Q: What Lip Smacker flavor defines your style?  

A: Wild Raspberry is the way to go! It’s classic, but with an edge to it, just like my favorite look. Plus, you have to love a balm that smells delish and delivers the perfect amount of subtle tint.

Q: How do you rock your fave Lip Smacker?
A: I like to accentuate one feature at a time—so I'll wear my light Lip Smacker lip with ultra-long lashes and a swipe of black eyeliner.

Q: What do you look for in a lip balm?

A: Lip balm is essential to a permanently soft pucker, so I love that Lip Smacker keeps my lips moisturized. Plus, I use it constantly...but Lip Smackers really last!

Q: What's your #1 beauty tip?
A: Play up whatever you love most about yourself. Have pretty peepers? Keep your lips nude and bring those eyes out with a bit of bright liner—aqua is so pretty for summer. Or if you love your lips, try a pop of matte fucshia...but then keep your eyes clean with just a swipe of mascara.

Q: How can we get a quick gorgeous eye look?
A: Curl your lashes at the base to give them volume and length. Use a shiny copper shadow on the base of your lid to draw attention to your lids. Use a bronze shade in your crease and the darkest shade on the outer “V” of your eye. Line your upper lash line with black liquid liner. And if you know how to do a cat eye, go for it! Apply a generous amount of mascara to your lashes. So pretty.



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So which Smacker are you? Which flave is your fave? Did you try Sam’s rockin’ eye routine? Tell us about it in the comments! 

BY LAURISE MCMILLIAN ON 7/4/2014 12:00:00 AM

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