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3 ways to make your BFF and BF get along



In the girl world, we all have that one amazing boyfriend that we're totally into, even if our crew can’t see why. Maybe they don’t get his humor or maybe they’re not crazy about his indie music scene. Whatever it is, you know how important it is for them to get along. Getting them to actually see that is the tricky part. Enter these three clever ideas.


Talk it out

Talking out a problem can be just what your BFF and guy need. Pick a day that is good for them to meet up (with you present, of course) so they can lay it all out there. Come equipped with a list of basic topics in case things get, um, awkward, and ease into the conversation by chatting about something carefree like their individual end-of-summer plans before opening the table to addressing their concerns. Allowing the two to take turns talking will make them feel equal.


Find a common activity

There's always a common ground between two people and finding out just what that is could the thing that brings them together. So if your BFF’s relationship with your boyfriend is still crumbling like a cookie, find out what they both like and plan accordingly. If it's pizza, throw a pizza party. The beach? Host a bonfire. Having them together doing something they both like while surrounded by other friends will take the pressure off of them so they can relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Double date

In some cases, jealousy can be the reason why your bestie doesn't show any interest in your guy. When you start spending lots of time with him, you miss out on some important girl time. Curb the green monster by inviting her out wit your boyfriend and ask him to bring along one of his buds. Ya never know, maybe sparks will fly between the two.


Do your BF and BFF get along? Share in the comments below.

BY GL ON 7/27/2014 12:00:00 AM


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