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Happy National Friendship Day!




We love besties! They show up with a hug one our worst days, are there to celebrate our best moments and always, always know exactly what to say. Do something sweet for your BFF today...even something teeny, like a post on Insta to say how much she means to you. And soak up these sweet stories, which prove how much friendship means to GL girls.


"I am really involved in Relay for Life at my school. I was worried it wasn’t going to be a success, so all of my friends who went to different schools came out to the event to support me." – Elizabeth M.


“My friends and I always buy little things that remind us of each other. The other day, my friend Lauren bought me a ring from Etsy with my horoscope, just because she knows I love my sign. It’s not even the ring I really care about, but the fact that she was thinking about me totally made my day.” – Rachel C.


“I was devastated after a really bad breakup once. My best friend came over to comfort me and brought flowers. Then she took me with her on a weekend trip to take my mind off things. Her extra effort made me feel so much better.” – Glenn W.


“One New Year’s Eve, a group of people told me and my friend that they only had room for one more girl at their party. They invited my friend, and not me. But she decided to skip the party and stay home with me instead. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. She is still my best friend!” – Danielle W.


“During my first week at a new school, I was feeling super homesick and upset. My friend from home picked me up and took me back to her house to stay for the weekend, so I could see all my friends.” – Mickayla F.


“Once I was hanging out with a guy at the movies, and he started to make me feel really uncomfortable. I texted my friend who I knew was at the same movie theater. She left in the middle of the movie she was watching to come rescue me.” – Casey C.


“My friends threw me a big surprise party for my birthday last year. It was the best party ever! They even made sure to get my favorite ice cream, and to invite my crush.” – Christy N.


Celebrating National Friendship Day is the perfect excuse to grab some ice cream or catch a movie with your girls. Let you friends know you appreciate them with some extra TLC today.

BY TORY NYMICK ON 8/3/2014 12:00:00 AM


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