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The best foods you can eat before and after your workout


We know, we know: the new school year is right around the corner and you're trying to get (or stay) in shape. But did you know that food is a major make-or-break deal when it comes down to what makes a good workout? While skipping meals before hitting the gym isn't the way to go, eating the wrong foods can be just as bad. Energy is super important for a successful workout and you need to stay fueled with the proper foods.


Snacking on chips and candy right before you hit the gym? That's a major no-no. And as good as those burritos might be, Chipotle isn't the best post-workout meal. Luckily for you, we have your back. Here's a list of foods that will help pump you up before you sweat it out and keep your body happy (without ruining your hard work) while it cools down. Plus, these snacks will leave your tastebuds tingling, too.



  • 1e.png

    Before a workout: Peanut butter sandwich with sliced bananas on whole wheat toast

    This is a light, yummy snack that will have you feeling great before your workout. Plus, it has the carbs (bread!) and protein (peanut butter!) to keep you super energized the whole time. Try nibbling on this tasty snack at least an hour or so prior to pumping some iron.

  • 2e.png

    Before workout: Oatmeal with blueberries

    Want to keep energized? Try this high carb snack. Whole grains like oatmeal help keep your blood sugar stable which helps boost endurance and energy. Plus, the glycose in the blueberries will add an extra punch with a quick sugar boost to get you started.

  • 3e.png

    Before a workout: Greek yogurt with berries

    Greek yogurt with berries is a great snack to eat about an hour before a morning workout. Packed with antioxidants, protein and some carbs for an extra energy bost, iit will have your bod feeling healthy and fueled for the whole day. Plus, it's totally delicious. You can thank us later.


  • 4e.png

    After a workout: Grilled chicken and veggies

    After a workout, protein is one of the most important factors in to keeping your body satisfied (and keep your muscles growing instead of tiring out). You may not consider grilled chicken and veggies as a regular go-to post-workout snack, but it's time to change that. While your body is in recovery mode, serve up this nutrient packed meal to help replenish your aching muscles. Plus, the lean protein in the chicken will fill you up without leaving you feeling bloated. 

  • 5e.png

    After a wokrout: Sweet potatoes

    Indulge yourself in something sweet, yet healthy! Sweet potatoes are filled with complex carbs which help release stored sugar (basically, your go-to energy booster). Packed with vitmains like B6, C, D, iron, magnesium and potassium, this snack is perf to add to your after workout meal.


  • 6e.png

    After a workout: A banana smoothie 

    If you’re not feeling too hot after your workout, a banana smoothie is a perfect fix to give you a jolt. It’s a healthy alternative to the beloved Starbucks frappe (pssst, a grande frappe with whip is almost 25% of your recommended daily fat intake!).

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BY JORDAN STERN ON 8/4/2014 12:00:00 AM


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