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The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week

A week has passed and our heads are still spinning from all the things that some of our fave celebs have been doing. There were tons of dating rumors and exciting surprises that you need to know about ASAP. So take a break from your busy summer sched and catch up on the biggest Hollywood happenings of this past week. 


Teen romance to the max!

Before this week, we never would have paired Chloe Grace Moretz with Brooklyn Beckham, but now that reports are swirling that the duo are dating, they’re our soon-to-be fave couple. The pair reportedly met at a SoulCycle class they both frequent and have been spotted skateboarding together and going out on lunch dates ever since. Rumor has it that Brooklyn broke up with his British girlfriend right before they were supposed to attend prom in order to be with Chloe! We hope that this couple lasts.


Taking on the World

Our fave new show, Girl Meets World, has been winning over our hearts and making it big in the ratings since it premiered in June. Well now, we’re happy to report that it was announced this week that the show has officially been renewed for Season 2! Season 1 has already exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to see what kind of mischief Riley and Maya get into next. Are you as pumped for the new seson?


Anticipation rises

It’s no secret that the whole world is waiting for the first installment of the last movie in The Hunger Games trilogy. With tons of announcements from The Capitol and finally getting to see real footage of the movie, we didn’t think it was possible to get more excited. Well, we were wrong. The official Mockingjay posters have just been released (like this Effie Trinket one that Vanity Fair exclusively revealed) and, even though they seem to be plain and simple, there is such a strong message behind them. Each character is dressed in gray and white, standing in front of a District 13 sign. After seeing everything come together, we hope that November 21 doesn’t take too long to get here!



Our August/September cover girl, Taylor Swift, is currently ruling Hollywood. With her new movie, The Giver, releasing soon after wrapping a world tour while also working on her new album, it seems like there is no stopping her. Speaking of which, Tay took to Instagram this week to drop hints about her upcoming album and we can’t wait to see where they lead us. She first posted a vid of her pushing an elevator button and now we have a picture of her cat as her lock screen. Could this be a countdown of sorts? We’re not too sure what these hints mean, but we do hope it involves new tunes.


Boyband follower?

Every Directioner’s heart was broken when Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner dating rumors sparked way back when. Now that the two have been over for some time, it seems that things that have been heating up between Kendall and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer. Wait, what? The two were spotted multiple times together when they were both in NYC this week. Not only are 5SOS touring with 1D, but there have been rumors that Gemma Styles, Harry’s sister, and Ashton were dating at one point. We hope that Kendall isn’t getting confused between the two, especially since she accidentally said One Direction instead of 5 Seconds of Summer while announcing the band at this years’ Billboard Music Awards. Be careful, Kendall, or you’re going to make a lot of fangirls very upset.


Which celeb moment made you go “OMG!” this week? Share in the comments below.

BY CAITLIN MOYNIHAN ON 8/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

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