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4 brilliant ways to wear a braid crown

Love the look of crown braids? There's more than one way to wrap your head with braids. Get ready for serious hair inspiration. The look is a fun alternative to the standard ponytail (and psst! It's a genius way to mask second-day strands). Gather up your hairpins and start braiding!


  • 1.png

    Going Dutch

    This stylish updo keeps all your hair away from the face and neck. It's a great everyday casual hairstyle that you can wear for school or practice. Feelin’ fancy? Weave in a ribbon or pin with flowers.


    Get the DIY from Brit

  • 2.png

    Rock a royal crown

    Forget slipping on a headband — just whip up this medium-size braid instead. Pull all of your hair to the front right side of your head and begin braiding it across your hairline to get a look like this one.


    Get the DIY by Little Miss Momma

  • 3.png

    Bump up those bangs

    Milkmaid braids are an easygoing look when you just can’t be bothered. Play up your bangs with a small braid detail wrapped around your forehead.


    Get the DIY by Wish Wish Wish

  • 4.png

    Feathery fishtail

    Two fishtail braids + a criss cross at the crown of your head = the style you're wearing this Saturday night. This fairy like ‘do is great for any birthday party or flirty date.


    Get the DIY by Ducklings in a row

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BY YENDI REID ON 8/14/2014 12:00:00 AM


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