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What to do when all of your friends have BF's



You and your friends are always hanging out and keeping each other posted on what’s going on. As you’re updating each other on your lives, you realize that all your friends have boyfriends…and you’re still a single pringle. Even though you’re a happy single pringle and aren’t desperate to change that, here are some things you can do when all of your gals have significant others. 

Make new friends

You don’t want to ditch your old friends just because they have boyfriends—in fact, that would be major girl code violation. However, now can be a great time to make some new buds! Since your old friends are probably spending more time with their sweeties and a little less time with you, you have more free time to hang out with other people. Get to know the new girl in school or pick a new partner in science class this school year. Your old friends will still always be there and, hey, you can always introduce your new friends to them. The more the merrier!


Spend more time with your family

Focusing on family is always a good way to deal with anything. If you find yourself having more free time because your friends have boyfriends , take this as an opportunity to hang out with your siblings more or your parents. Organize a family game night and spend some quality time on a weekend night in. Siblings can be great friends and your parents will totally appreciate—and take notice of—you making an effort to get to know them better.


Find a new hobby

To keep yourself distracted, you can start a new hobby. Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint, or learn how to make flower headbands or bake rainbow cupcakes. Search some fun, cool ideas and hit up your local crafts store for supplies. You’ll feel super proud and accomplished when you see you created something adorable. And even if your baking skills aren’t up to par, the process will be super fun anyway!


Go the extra mile in school

Now that you are looking for new things to do, you can direct some of that energy on school. Maybe you’ve been having a hard time in science or don’t really understand an assignment for your English class. Take the extra care now to catch up on your schoolwork or make appointments to talk to your teachers after class about anything you don’t understand. This will totally pay off when you get your grades and they’re higher than ever.


Make some extra cash

Find a babysitting job or hit up your local ice cream shop or retail store for a potential gig. Making some extra spending money will totally make you feel better. Not to mention you’ll be able to build up a resume for the future, buy some cute new outfits for school, and even show your parents you are totally responsible. A win all around!


What do you do to keep busy when you feel like all of your friends have boyfriends? Share in the comments below.

BY ANDREA RIZKALLAH ON 8/17/2014 12:00:00 AM

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