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Fries with Benefits: healthy foods to satisfy those cravings

Although french fries taste fab and glazed doughnuts are totally mouth-watering, let's face it...fried foods contain more bad than good. Studies have shown that some of our fave junk foods can lead to tons of problems when you’re older, like heart disease, diabetes and could even lead to bad skin (yikes!). So, why continue putting bad foods into our bodies? Kick those unhealthy habits now and try munching on some of these nom-worthy healthier snacks that will totally satisfy your cravings!
  • 1.png

    If you’re hungry for fried potato chips… try kale chips!

    Ditch those sugar filled potato chips that bloat up your bod and slow you down. Kale is packed full of tons of viatmins and a lot less fat and sugar compared to fried potato chips. The fiber in Kale not only helps fill you up faster, but also gives a good amount of iron to get that blood pumping -- talk about the ultimate superfood!


    Check out the recipe here

  • 2.png

    If you love fried chicken…try glazed chicken breast!

    Fried chicken may be delish (it’s one of our faves), but eating too much can lead to heart probs. Try plain chicken breast instead-- they’re loaded with calcium and protein and perf for lunch or dinner. Plus, the pecans in this chicken recipe are filled with antioxidants and can even help boost your brain health.


    Check out the recipe here

  • 3.png

    If doughnuts are your thing… try piecrust cookies! 

    Doughnuts are chock-full of calories and heart hurting trans-fat and sugar (talk about unhealthy!). Piecrust cookies have almost no sugar and have half the carbs of doughnuts. If you have a sweet tooth, add a li'l cinnamon and sugar to the recipe to make them a delightful dessert...Uh, yum!


    Check out the recipe here

  • 4.png

    If French fries are your go to snack… try zucchini fries (they’re baked instead of fried!) 

    Zucchini is very low in calories and contains healthy antioxidants that help keep your bod safe from diseases. Compared to french fries, which increase your chance of becoming overweight and are filled with fatty oils, zucchini is way better. Stick with this baked zucchini recipe that tastes like the fries you love so much instead of busting all your calories on the real deal.


    Check out the recipe here

  • 5.png

    If onion rings are your ultimate delish dish… try healthy quinoa coated ones!

    Onions are great for you-- they help clean the bloodstream and contain Vitamin C-- but frying ‘em ups their calories and adds some unhealthy benefits. If you bake them, the calories and fat go down a ton. Plus, the quinoa on these baked goodies is known as a superfood: loaded with minerals, fiber and protein.


    Check out the recipe here!

  • 6.png

    If you crave mozzarella sticks…try this healthy, no-fry option!

    Sure, they're super yummy (one of our guilty pleasures here at GL!), but like all fried food, mozzarella sticks are terrible for your bod. They increase your chance of heart problems and increase your weight. Luckily, there’s a healthier, baked option that you can try, too! Eat these delish baked mozzarella snacks when you’re craving the fried version. And remember to eat ‘em in moderation.


    Check out the recipe here


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BY LINDY WITTENBERG ON 8/18/2014 12:00:00 AM


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